Bringing Smart Logistics to Life at Modex 2020

Feb. 26, 2020
Sick highlights solutions for track and trace, mobile robots, and Industry 4.0 in Booth #5002

Flexibility in production and logistics is possible by implementing smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions, reliable safety sensors for human-robot collaboration, and accurate track and trace systems on conveyors. All these devices are connected with one another via the cloud, implementing Industry 4.0 along the entire value-creation process. These three areas of interest will be on display at Modex 2020 in SICK’s Booth #5002. In an effort to provide highly-efficient solutions for intralogistics applications, Sick is presenting how logistics get smart at its booth at Modex 2020. With these solutions, we provide intelligent sensors for a transparent supply chain.

Taking Industry 4.0 to the Next Level

Industry 4.0 is now in full swing, and Sick has solutions that can help bring logistics processes even further into the Industrial Internet of Things. From deep learning to virtual reality to an Industry 4.0 simulation, you can see how logistics get smart at Sick’s Modex booth. First, discover how machines can learn to think and advance logistics processes. With deep learning processes, cameras can automatically detect, verify, classify, and localize features or objects by analyzing the learned image base. For example, they can check whether any flats are present in the sorter trays, optimizing sorter cell assignment and increase throughput. Deep learning networks are capable of compiling an enormous amount of data, many of which can be powerful for improving logistics processes. Second, see Industry 4.0 in action with our dashboard that can simulate sensors and provide a live view of the sensors at work. Decentralized intelligence in the sensors (edge computing) forms the basis for flexible control of production processes in smart logistics processes. Additional cloud intelligence in the form of data analyses and applications (apps) allow the use of self-learning mechanisms in the sensors, increasing their adaptability to production-related changes. This process enables indoor localization and asset tracking to improve processes.  Lastly, learn how to make any facility safe with our virtual reality safety services demo. In this demo, manufacturers can virtually see exactly what may be deemed “unsafe” in a facility and what we recommend as a solution to make it safe. This provides a live view of the risk assessment and risk reduction process necessary to run an efficient and effective supply chain.

Autonomous Vehicles and Mobile Robots

When logistics gets smart, flexibility is an added benefit. At Modex, Sick’s solutions for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots will be on display in our Mobile Robots Lab. See how the supply chain is being taken over by driverless transport systems (whose autonomous navigation is shown live) together with collision prevention solutions. The data from all the sensors in the smart factory are evaluated on a large display giving visitors a constant overview of logistical and production processes as well as key performance indicators.

Assets in a factory can be tracked continuously using localization solutions and their space-time coordinates can be continuously recorded and stored. Having this data means complete transparency about all the important movements on the warehouse floor. Today's analytics tools can already use this data to make connections between different events, presenting an unfiltered look into actual logistics processes. All the established technologies—ultra wide-band tags, LiDAR Contour Mapping, line guidance sensors, infrastructure sensors—record either their own position or the position of the desired objects. Depending on the application as well as the positioning accuracy and update rate required, the right technology is selected or various technologies are combined with each other. These mobile robots can have localization implemented to be able to accurately track the route of each vehicle and monitor where assets are in the facility at all times—indoors or outdoors. Outdoor localization is made possible with the first ever outdoor-rated safety laser scanner, Sick’s outdoorScan3. The outdoorScan3 allows automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems to navigate safely through outdoor industrial environments. Thanks to its innovative outdoor-safe HDDM scanning technology, outdoorScan3 works safely and reliably in all weather – sun, rain, snow, or fog—thus closing a major gap in the automation of industrial processes.

Accurate and Reliable Track and Trace Solutions for Logistics Processes

Lastly, track and trace solutions are a necessity for maintaining a high throughput in intralogistics environments. At Modex, Sick will be demonstrating how various types of sensors can be used on conveyors for zone control, dimensioning, and overall quality control. In complex warehouse systems, sensor solutions ensure optimum storage space assignment and accident-free handling by transport shuttles. Integrated cameras and photoelectric sensors automatically detect objects, monitor possible overruns, and position the shuttles precisely in front of shelf bays. This keeps everything safe and efficient. The detection of polybags and flexible packaging has been a recent challenge in logistics, but leading edge detection can easily be accomplished with the RAY10 and RAY26 photoelectric sensor. The sensorworks with a 2D light band that allows the reliable detection of flat and location-tolerant objects on conveying systems. The RAY10 and RAY26 saves up to 50 percent of the installation effort and costs involved in light grid solutions or multiple photoelectric sensors.  Additionally, many find it a challenge to reliably detect 1D, 2D, stacked codes, and plain text. Sick’s Lector image-based code readers can read laser or dot-peened codes perfectly, even in cases of low contrast levels, contamination or poor code quality. This is the perfect solution to transition from using laser scanners to cameras for applications like tote box identification in logistics facilities. With Sick’s line of track and trace solutions, goods can be continuously be tracked throughout a logistics facility. A Dimensioning-Weighing-Scanning (DWS) system allows logistics centers to record all data needed for shipments at the touch of a button. In addition, 2D and 3D vision can be used to enable deep learning on conveyor systems to ensure only the correct materials make it through the system, eliminating any potentially hazardous materials. The Package Analytics software from SICK also offers the possibility of monitoring systems and keeping an eye on their performance. This ensures traceability and also allows the accuracy and efficiency of sorting processes to be improved – whether on a conveyor belt, in a freight center or in the overall network.

To top it all off, spontaneous errors in the track and trace process can be a thing of the past with Sick’s EventCam. This industrial-grade 2D camera brings clarity when unexplained gripping, handling, and positioning problems arise or when unreproducible installation errors or machine downtimes occur. It is specifically designed for the detection and analysis of sporadic errors in industrial processes.

At Modex 2020, SIick is providing an in-depth look at our approach to mobile robots, industry 4.0, and track and trace solutions in our booth. Talk to our experts about how we can help logistics get smart at Booth #5002.

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