Adisra Announces Release of SmartView V4.0 Service Pack 1

July 17, 2020
The human-machine interface software platform gains development and usability features, along with other improvements targeted to help machine builder OEMs and discrete part manufacturers achieve their automation goals.

Adisra today announced the availability of Adisra SmartView V4.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1), now available for immediate download on their website   Adisra SmartView is a complete human-machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition package, designed specifically for machine builder OEMs and discrete part manufacturers so they can develop effective interfaces for monitoring and analyzing machine operation and overall status. SP1 adds a host of development and usability features, making it even easier for users to create applications with greater flexibility.

Adisra SmartView already delivers a comprehensive and easy-to-use development environment. New development enhancements include templating functionality supporting re-use of advanced graphic objects and screens across multiple applications, and the added flexibility of using tags to dynamically adjust the file and pathnames for recipes and reports. The display resolution of an application is now easily changed to match any target deployment.

Screens can now incorporate animated GIFs, improved button functionality for screen navigation, an added corner radius property for many graphic objects (used for creating a more organic look), and a new MultiTagViewer object for conveniently displaying array data based on offset and size. There are now built-in statistical process control functions for visualizing the Min, Max, Median, and Standard Deviation of tags within trend objects. Alarm objects are now even easier for users to configure.

Secure connectivity has been improved with the ability to integrate the Adisra SmartView security system with the industry-standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol used in many deployments. Multiple database connections are now possible, allowing tags and alarms to be logged to multiple databases simultaneously in a simple and intuitive manner, without the need for SQL or other custom code. The BacNet communications driver now includes the ability to read and write new properties. New drivers are added frequently based on customer needs and requests.

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