Softing Inc. Connects Rockwell PLCs to AWS IoT Core

Nov. 16, 2020
Softing and AWS just streamlined connectivity between Rockwell PLCs and AWS IoT SiteWise for industrial analytics at scale.

Today, Softing Inc. announces tManager™ for AWS IoT SiteWise delivering streamlined connectivity between Rockwell PLCs and AWS IoT SiteWise cloud computing services for industrial analytics at scale. The Softing tManager is the only ControlLogix™ or CompactLogix™ PLC module that inserts into the PLC chassis and enables direct and secure transactions between the PLC and cloud – no server, no coding, and no protocol translation.  Softing and AWS teamed-up to deliver the latest version of tManager that connects directly into the AWS IoT Core simplifying the processes to get the plant floor connected to analytics, dashboards, and business results.

Once connected to the AWS IoT Core, you can use AWS IoT SiteWise to model your physical assets, processes and facilities, quickly compute common industrial performance metrics, and create fully managed web applications to help analyze industrial equipment data, reduce costs and make faster decisions. With AWS IoT SiteWise, you can focus on understanding and optimizing your operations, rather than building costly in-house data collection and management applications.

“How do you get the cloud connected all the way down to the plant floor so you can perform business analytics to monitor metrics and improve processes?” asks Deane Horn Director of Marketing for Softing Inc. “This is a fundamental architectural decision. Get this wrong, and you’ll suddenly be faced with challenges around security; it may cost you downtime when a simple network hiccup occurs; and when it’s time to scale, it’s always these early foundational decisions that become limiting factors. tManager has been this connector for Rockwell for 10+ years, and it addresses these issues, and it’s why it is the platform of choice by AWS to connect to Rockwell PLCs.”

In addition to tManager requiring no server, no coding, and no protocol translation for ControlLogix connectivity to the cloud, easy connectivity includes a drop down box selection for AWS cloud type, drop down for certificate entry, and AWS IoT Core auto pre-formatted data, which simplifies the connectivity process, adds security, saves time, and reduces opportunities for errors.

tManager continues to be the platform of choice for direct and secure connections from Rockwell PLCs to databases, such as MSSQL and ORACLE, and to cloud applications such as AWS and Azure for your digital transformation enabling analytics, dashboards, and business optimization.

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About Softing
Softing AG is a leading global provider of products for Industrial Automation, IT Networks, and Automotive Electronics. For over 30 years, Softing has provided industrial data communication and connectivity in the form of embedded solutions such as OEM chips, protocol development stacks, software connectivity suites, communication gateways, and PLC in-chassis modules to get your production process connected. To help your production process stay connected, Softing provides network health solutions in the form of handheld Ethernet cable certification testers, Ethernet network troubleshooting tools, PROFIBUS testers, and field device management solutions for HART, PROFIBUS, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Softing AG is a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, was founded in 1979, and is headquartered in Haar, Germany.

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