Control Techniques Unveils Specialist Pump Drive

Dec. 14, 2020

Control Techniques, part of the Nidec group, has enhanced its portfolio with the introduction of a specialist pump drive.

The new F600 Pump Drive forms part of Control Techniques’ new Specialist category of industry-specific drives. F600’s wide power range, from 1.5 HP (1.1kW) all the way to 4,200 HP (2.8MW), makes it ideal for all applications at any power within the water, agriculture, and food & beverage industries, as well as for industrial heating and cooling. The range builds on five decades of specialist drives expertise from Control Techniques, providing a fresh, simple and innovative interface whilst delivering dependable control in the areas it’s needed most. 

Energy savings – unlocking the potential
One of the key benefits of Control Techniques’ F600 drive range is its abilities when it comes to energy saving and optimizing a system for efficiency. On average, 85% of a pump’s life cycle cost is attributed to its energy consumption, so optimizing the energy usage greatly reduces the total cost of ownership. Specific features within F600 include sleep mode, which automatically engages when demand falls below a specific point, and Control Techniques’ leading-edge motor control technology which initiates dynamic modification of the rated frequency to further save energy. 

Simple commissioning
F600 is designed for simple installation and commissioning, with core functionalities for pump applications readily available, meaning optimum performance can be achieved straight out of the box, with minimal set-up.

Users also gain access to Control Techniques’ suite of PC tools, with dedicated pump setup screens guiding you through every step of the process. The drive’s onboard parameters have also been grouped within a single menu, designed specifically with pump applications in mind, making installation, setup and operation as simple as possible.

Pump and fan-specific tools
F600 has been designed and engineered from the ground up with the tools, features and functionality demanded by users in industries reliant on pumps. Users can access dedicated features covering pipe fill, pipe cleaning, over-cycling protection, dry-run prevention and switch control, while a host of control modes covering fans, single pumps, cascade, and multi-leader pump systems make Control Techniques’ F600 an effective and versatile variable speed control solution. 

Free five year warranty
All drives in the F600 range up to 75 HP (55kW) are eligible for Control Techniques’ free extended warranty, at no extra cost. This extends the standard two years up to five years, providing security and peace of mind. 

Patrik Masson, global product manager at Control Techniques, said: “F600 marks a new direction for Control Techniques, giving us a specialist product to support industries which have previously relied on our more general purpose offer.

“This new range provides the perfect solution for users working with pump applications. We’ve ensured industry-specific features are baked into the drive itself, so its capabilities and the terminology used will feel instantly familiar.

“As drive specialists, people know and trust the capability of our products, so we’re excited to introduce a dedicated, industry-specific range to the family. We are looking forward to help businesses realize the cost savings and increased efficiency F600 can deliver for them.”  

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