Virtual Show: ATOP ELECTRIC atTRACTION, Jan. 20 and 21

The event, which covers automative technology applications, is divided into 4 different global time zones.

Atop Dem

IMA’s virtual technology show takes place Jan. 20 and 21 with 10+ experts in the field of electric motors for automotive applications ready to welcome a new year of technology, together.

Download the entire program overview and register here.

The global agenda is divided into 4 different local time zones:  U.S. (9:00am ET), Europe (3:00pm CET), China (1:00pm CST) and Korea (2:00pm KST).

Sessions include:

·      IMA GREEN: E-MOBILITY: The sustainable mobility program means a constant research for new solutions and technologies conceived to reduce the emissions of transports and protect the environment. It is our pleasure to create a place dedicated to these innovative issues

·       ATOP R&D FOR HAIRPIN FORMING: Introduction to the new HAIRPIN FORMING MACHINE, the future of the hairpin forming process for the e-mobility product proposal by ATOP

·       REMOTE FAT, A CONCRETE EXAMPLE OF IMA DIGITAL SERVICES: Industry 4.0 virtual platforms and technologies contribute to carry out production activities and scheduling. Discover how Remote FAT can speed up the Acceptance Procedures in the electric motor production environment


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