NORD Meets the Demand for Specialized Food Processing Solutions

Jan. 18, 2021
NORD is dedicated to serving a wide array of food industries including bakery, dairy, meat, poultry, and many more. This includes processing to packaging and every step in between.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides highly configurable, flexible, and reliable solutions for food processing applications, including expansive product ranges that are ideal for mixing, agitating, kneading, pumping, packaging, and other food and beverage applications.

For mixing, agitating, and kneading processes, NORD offers heavy-duty gear units including our Helical Bevel and CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft units that can be configured for mixers and agitators of any scale. These units feature high capacity output shaft bearings for heavy duty loads, temperature sensors for overheating protection, programmable inverters for STO and reverse operation, and optional twin gearboxes with shafts turning in opposite directions. NORD’s MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units for mixing and agitating processes are also available for applications that require even more torque, anywhere from 130,000 to 2,250,000 lb-in.

For cutting, slicing, and dosing, NORD provides systems for CIP area installation and machine integration. These drives have smooth washdown surfaces, FDA-compliant sealed aluminum surfaces that can tolerate anywhere from pH 2-12, stainless-steel fittings, and are available with IP66 or IP69K ingress protection. NORD also has a wide variety of paint options for food processing. The NORD Severe Food Duty 3 paint system is ideal as it focuses on contamination protection, is food-safe, and fulfills the NSF/ ANSI 51-2009e test criteria. For further protection, products can be treated with NORD’s nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system for extreme ambient conditions and hygiene requirements. It provides unique protection against corrosion as it is a conversion of the unit’s surface, not a paint layer which can detach or flake off.

Globally, NORD offers three inline product lines available in single-stage (high speed), two- or three-stage versions to cover a wide variety of pumping applications. These units feature cast iron or aluminum housings with high capacity output bearings for long, trouble-free operation. The pump drives include high starting torques and soft starts, wall or motor mounted inverters, H1 food-grade oil, and the ability to provide cost- effective custom application specific mounting solutions and special shafting - special shaft dimensions, cross drilled shafts, and stainless-steel shafts.

For heating, cooling, and freezing processes, NORD provides drive solutions adapted to extreme temperatures. Composed of various fan/fan-less configurations, H1 low/high-temperature food-grade oils and hydrophobic bearing lubricants, and an extensive offering of environmental protection features for both the motor, gearbox, and VFD.

Every food processing solution from NORD is guaranteed to be efficient and reliable. With comprehensive application knowledge and technical support, NORD has already installed thousands versatile, reliable units in the food industry. These units are environmentally friendly and help reduce CO2 emissions while still being service and maintenance-friendly, reducing downtimes and contributing to greater efficiency. Contact NORD to help you find the right solution for your drive system. 

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