New IMAS-CONNECT™ Adapter Grommets From icotek

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IMAS-CONNECT™; Application KEL-U with AT-FL
IMAS-CONNECT™; Application KEL-U with AT-FL

Designed to be used with its modular designed adapter system IMAS-CONNECT™, icotek offers the new adapter grommets AT-FL and QT-AT-FL. The adapter grommets serve as an interface for M23 square flange connectors.

The new AT-FL’s design is based on the KT large cable grommet. Correspondingly, the QT-AT-FL has been designed on the QT large cable grommet. The AT-FL can be used in the icotek KEL systems (KEL-U, KEL-ER, KEL 183 and KEL-FG). The QT-AT-FL is suitable for the KEL-QUICK systems from icotek.

The adapter grommets are inserted into the split cable entry frames. Built-in plugs or built-in sockets can be integrated directly into the cable entry by using the AT-FL / QT-AT-FL grommets. All square flanges with a hole spacing of 19.8 x 19.8 mm (M23) are suitable. Assembly costs are reduced since there is no longer the need for a separate cut-out in the housing wall (e.g. in a control cabinet).

The new IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommets are made from elastomer and the body from polyamide and are free of silicone and halogen. The AT-FL adapter grommet achieves protection classes up to IP65, the QT-AT-FL achieves IP54 (depending on the screwed-on flange and the connector). Certificates such as ECOLAB, HL3, UL94-VO, RoHS compliant and others have already been granted for the new products.

Samples can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

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