Tech Visionaries Around the Globe Present AIoT Innovations on the Future of Industrial IoT at the Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference

Feb. 19, 2021
The global virtual event will explore the challenges and acceleration of digital transformation over three months.

Advantech, a global leader in IoT technology, today announced that the company will host its largest global virtual event to envision how the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) will shape the next industrial revolution.

The event entitled, Advantech Connect Online Partners Conference, will virtually bring together business leaders and innovators from around the world to promote dialogue on the future of the IoT world and reveal collaborative ways to accelerate digital transformation. 

Advantech Connect kicks off the three-month-long relay event with a keynote session at 9 am PST/ 12 pm EST on Wednesday, Feb. 24. Advantech executives and speakers from its strategic partners, such as Microsoft and Intel, will address the topic of AIoT vision.

Tech visionaries including Dr. William Webb, the author of The Internet of Things Myth, and Alfonso Velosa, vice president analyst of Gartner Research will share their insights into how AIoT takes the enterprise into the future. In addition, Ken Forster, executive director of Momenta will bring a point of view on accelerating digital transformation from the investor perspective.

“At Advantech, enabling an intelligent planet has been our corporate vision since 2010,” said K.C. Liu, CEO of Advantech. “We prioritize building the future of the industrial IoT together with our strategic partners as our corporate goal. We believe that Advantech Connect will be an excellent opportunity to share our AIoT vision and together move a step forward toward that goal.”

The subsequent two months will unveil a series of presentations. From March 17 to April 30, industry experts will lead 21 topic sessions in four themes: Edge+ Solutions, Cloud Platform & Solutions for the WISE Ecosystem, Industrial IoT Solutions, and Smart City Solutions and Services.

Each session will be available at two different times to cater to attendees from different parts of the world. Details of each session’s topic, speakers and schedules can be found at the event website.

Ween Niu, general manager of Advantech North America, explained, “In the wake of a global pandemic, it has become apparent that digital transformation is vital to the success of businesses, regardless of its size and industrial field. As AIoT technologies unfold at a faster and higher rate than we anticipated, at Advantech Connect Event, we look forward to unveiling how the tech industry can come together to meet the growing needs of digital innovations.”

The event is free to attend and anyone interested is invited to register Participants can register as many sessions as they wish to attend.

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