TestEquity Announces Exclusive Product Distribution Agreement with B&K Precision

Feb. 25, 2021
Distribution deal covers DAS1700 and 8460 high-speed data acquisition systems.
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TestEquity, the industry’s largest test and measurement distributor in the U.S. and manufacturer of the industry’s highest quality test chambers, announced today an exclusive distribution agreement stocking B&K Precision DAS1700 and 8460 high-speed data acquisition systems.

B&K Precision designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable, cost-effective test and measurement instruments sold in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The DAS1700 and 8460 are configurable data acquisition systems capable of measuring signals ranging from small sensors to large electrical networks for aerospace, industrial, automotive, and energy production applications. These premium, factory configured test instruments require specific technical knowledge and training to effectively demonstrate their capabilities and assist customers with the right product selection.

“TestEquity’s experience with test and measurement instruments and configured products, combined with the technical expertise of their sales and support representatives, provides a win for both companies and the customers we serve,” said David Holt, Sr. Director of Product Management and Sales at B&K Precision.

Both models feature a fast-sampling interval of 1 µs (1 MSa/s), and four types of measurement boards. A wide input range (±5 mV to ±1000 V), and a large 500 GB internal solid-state memory, expandable up to 2 TB, are also included in both models. The boards include universal, high-voltage, strain gauge, and multiplexed input types. The 8460 supports any combination up to three boards, while the DAS1700 features an optional extension module for up to six boards. The 8460 also offers a built-in printer for permanent data records.

 In addition to the DAS1700 and 8460 data acquisition systems, TestEquity also stocks B&K Precision’s complete line of portable multi-channel data recorders, ideal for measuring and recording most process application parameters with speed and precision. 

“We have a long history with B&K Precision and we appreciate the quality and care they put into their products,” added Scott Cave, VP of T&M Product Management at TestEquity. “We look forward to helping customers understand the power and potential of these premium instruments.”  

B&K Precision test and measurement products are available now online at TestEquity.com and through its network of sales and service representatives throughout North America. To learn more about these new products available only at TestEquity, visit: testequity.com/brand/BAndK-Precision

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