Real-Time Monitoring of Solid State Relays

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CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the NRG Series of EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus Controllers and multifunction Solid State Relays.

The NRG Series is designed for real-time communication with a controller, allowing machine builders to make informed decisions, solve urgent problems on short notice and aid in the design of autonomous machines. By interfacing with machine controllers and PLCs across EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus networks, the NRGC-EIP, NRGC-PN and NRGC Controllers, seamlessly exchange data to achieve industrial digitalization. The NRG Series provides an all-in-one solution for fast switching, accurate monitoring and high-speed communication, all of which are critical to predicting equipment failures, reducing unplanned stoppages and optimizing overall performance.

Features of the NRGC-EIP, NRGC-PN and NRGC Controllers include:

Features of the RG..D..N and RG..CM..N Solid State Relays include:

  • 1-phase, AC zero cross solid state relays
  • Up to 660 VAC, 90 AAC switching
  • Default control through communication interface or DC control, depending on model
  • With and without integrated heat sinks
  • RG..CM..N SSRs have selectable switching modes: ON/OFF or power control (burst, distributed or advanced full cycle)
  • Measurements and diagnostics accessible through communication interface.
  • Screw and box clamp connection options

The NRG System is the best choice for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to reduce overall maintenance costs and machine downtime.

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