Softing Integrates CNC Data into Industrial Edge Applications

March 12, 2021
The new edgeConnector 840D container supports easy access to data from SINUMERIK 840D controllers and makes it available on edge devices or virtual environments via OPC UA and MQTT.

Following dataFEED edgeConnector Siemens for the connection of SIMATIC S7 controllers, Softing now introduces dataFEED edgeConnector 840D. This software module is the world's first container application for accessing SINUMERIK 840D Solution Line and Power Line controls. It supports the reading of all process parameters and drive data without the need to intervene in the configuration of the machine tool.

dataFEED edgeConnector 840D allows seamless integration of up to five CNC controllers into a cloud environment such as Azure IoT Edge or AWS IoT Greengrass. It can be used, for example, to check production quality and tolerances, record machine data and integrate it into higher-level management systems or visualize process parameters and other performance indicators. Configuration can be done locally via an internet browser or remotely via the REST interface.

A central deployment of all connected edge devices with their containers, e.g., for updates or security patches, can be carried out using an optional device management system.

"We are seeing an increasing demand in the market for software solutions that can be efficiently managed and run on standard hardware. Our response to this is the systematic expansion of the dataFEED product family to include Docker containers for integrating data from production into innovative and flexible Industrial IoT solutions. In this way, we help users and system integrators close the gap between OT and IT," says Sebastian Schenk, Product Manager at Softing Industrial.

It is planned to grow the dataFEED edgeConnector product family further and, for example, also support the control connection via Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP. In addition, containers for data aggregation and preprocessing as well as address space modeling are in the planning stage. The options for configuration from the cloud are also to be expanded.

dataFEED edgeConnector 840D can be downloaded from online directories like Docker Hub or Microsoft Azure Marketplace and tested for free. More information can be found on the product website.

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