New Balluff Inductive Washdown Sensors Add Value to Your Application

Condition monitoring and IP69K washdown plus testing broaden their uses.

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Inductive Washdown Sensors With Added Value

Like the other inductive sensors in our portfolio, these provide wear-resistant, non-contact position detection of metallic objects.

These, however, are members of Balluff’s Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) portfolio—SAMS. That means they’re packed with additional features.

First, they include condition monitoring which reports the sensor’s internal temperature, relative humidity, and inclination, plus vibration monitoring in real time via IO-Link. The sensor’s operating hours and more functions are also available using IO-Link.

Second, LEDs on the sensor can show the sensor’s signal quality, blink when sent a ping via IO-Link to help you locate it, or perform other useful functions.

And third, they are IP68 and IP69K rated and have Ecolab approval. In addition, they have passed what Balluff calls Washdown Plus testing, which simulates over 1,000 washdown cycles—triple the typical number of cycles for IP69K testing.

The M12 BES05Y7 delivers an operating distance of 4 mm while the M18 BES05WY delivers an operating distance of 8 mm. Both provide an extended temperature range of -40 … 85 °C and two switching outputs.

This product's features include: 

  • Teachable switching point
  • Washdown Plus, designed especially for the most demanding cleaning processes
  • Hygiene class materials (1.4404/PBT stainless steel)
  • Expanded IO-Link functionality using SAMS (Smart Automation and Monitoring System)
  • Smart features, such as internal temperature and relative humidity monitoring

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