Seeq Announces Seeq Enterprise & Seeq Team Editions

March 25, 2021
New editions address end-user deployment requirements from individual plants and facilities to multi-plant enterprise and cloud deployments.

Seeq Corporation, a leader in manufacturing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) advanced analytics software, announces a new packaging of Seeq features and applications as Seeq Team and Seeq Enterprise editions. These editions address the needs of customers from a local water utility to a multi-national chemical, pharmaceutical, or oil & gas company.

Both Seeq editions, which run best as SaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure, represent the culmination of learning and experiences with hundreds of Seeq deployments in process manufacturing organizations. For these manufacturers, Seeq enables advanced analytics insights to improve production and business outcomes across their organizations.

Seeq Cortex, a renaming of Seeq Server, is included in both editions and is the execution engine that delivers key features, including multi-source and type data connectivity, security, calculation scalability, and other features. Seeq Cortex ensures immediate and long-term support for customer data architectures and IT requirements.

“Seeq Cortex enables immediate access to analytics innovation with existing data architectures and silos, while also supporting customer data roadmaps and strategies on the cloud,” says Steve Sliwa, CEO and Co-Founder Seeq Corporation. “Cortex is the backbone of the predictive, diagnostic, machine learning, and descriptive analytics used by customers around the globe.”

Cortex benefits include:

  • Abstraction of data sources with high speed connectivity to multiple and diverse time series and contextual data sources, including historians and SQL-based data sources.
  • Calculation speed with a highly parallelized, time-series specific engine to enable fast execution of analytics including data interpolation, filtering, cleansing, and modeling.
  • Data security and user access control through integration with OSIsoft PI for tag-level access control, or organizations may implement their own governance policies.

Seeq Team is optimized for new deployments in a single site facility such as a water utility or power generation plant with a limited number of time series and contextual data sources, or for the first usage of Seeq by a workgroup within a larger organization. Quick and easy deployment of Seeq and resulting ROI will demonstrate the benefit of leveraging existing data and expertise to improve production outcomes.

Seeq Enterprise is designed for complex single-plant, multi-site, or enterprise deployments with hundreds or thousands of users. It includes support for more complex data sources such as data lakes and ERP systems, along with features for integrating OT and IT data science teams driving digital transformation initiatives. Features specific to Seeq Enterprise include:

  • Seeq Data Lab is built on Jupyter Notebooks to enable easy Python access to Seeq functionality and to the vast library of open source modules and algorithms.
  • Unlimited Seeq users: Seeq Enterprise does not have a limit on number of users.
  • More and complex data sources: Seeq Enterprise supports up to 10 connections including data sources such as data lakes, ERP, and non-SQL databases.
  • Audit trail support: Seeq Enterprise includes features and administration tools for customers in regulated industries including support for CFR Part 11.
  • Data visualization tools: Seeq Enterprise supports data integration with BI and process applications such as Tableau, PowerBI, Spotfire and OSIsoft PI Vision.

In addition to support for large deployments with Seeq Enterprise, Seeq also has a licensing option for indirect usage of Seeq through its REST API and related software development kits for Java, C#, and Python, and Seeq connectivity to more than 10 enterprise data sources. This license, the Seeq Strategic Agreement, is appropriate for Seeq customers who require these capabilities and are making a multi-year commitment to Seeq success within their organization

"Seeq continues to release compelling analytics solutions for end users in process manufacturing and Industry 4.0 engagements," comments Janice Abel, Principal Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. "The need for the faster and better insights provided by Seeq is a consistent requirement for organizations investing in IIoT and Smart Manufacturing."

Seeq’s rapid growth is being fueled in part by its partnerships and commitment to cloud-based computing. Seeq is available in the AWS marketplace and is an AWS Industrial Competency Partner. On Microsoft Azure, Seeq has been available in the Azure Marketplace since 2019 and was recognized last year as a 2020 Microsoft Energy Partner of the Year Finalist

Seeq is available worldwide through a global partner network of system integrators, which provides training and resale support for Seeq in over 40 countries, in addition to its direct sales organization in North America and Europe. To learn more about Seeq visit

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