Pepperl+Fuchs’ VisuNet HMIs Join the Rockwell Automation Encompass™ Program

March 29, 2021
This product-reference program helps customers quickly locate products that solve their application challenges. Partner products complement, enhance and extend Rockwell Automation solutions.

Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc., a leading industrial automation company that develops, manufactures and provides industrial sensor technology, intrinsic safety and explosion protection products globally, announces the inclusion of several HMIs into Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Program. The Encompass Partner Program is part of the PartnerNetwork. Joining several other of Pepperl+Fuchs’ products in this Program are the Div 1 Edge Series HMI and the Zone 1/21 VisuNet GXP System.

The VisuNet Edge is an all-weather workstation optimized for washdown areas up to Div 1. Edge workstations feature an adaptable indoor/outdoor, all-weather watershed housing that is especially suited for washdown areas. The intrinsically safe touchscreen option allows for usage of the touchscreen, without restrictions, within a Division 1 area. An antimicrobial and chemically resistant keyboard with various mouse options completes the workstations. Additional features include:

  • Standard configurations with full PC, Thin Client (including ThinManager Ready) or KVM options
  • Sloped housing for proper drainage during washdown
  • Field maintainable
  • Available with 19 inch (48.3 cm), 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) and 22 inch (55.8 cm) displays
  • Easy customization—supports user-specified PCs, thin clients, and other peripherals to simplify networking between processing and IT infrastructures

The VisuNet GXP is a modular, field maintainable HMI system for life science applications. The innovative VisuNet GXP offers a compact, modular design that allows easy setup and maintenance. GXP systems consist of three main components that can be replaced in the field: display unit, power supply, and computing unit (PC or ThinManager Compatible Thin Client). With a stainless steel housing, VisuNet GXP components are resistant to all chemicals and detergents commonly found in the life sciences sector—and the VisuNet GXP is the industry’s lightest Thin Client for Zone 1/21 life science applications.

Additional Pepperl+Fuchs products in the Encompass Program include enclosures, fieldbus, intrinsically safe mobile devices, HART Interface, and purge and pressurization products.

About the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Program
The PartnerNetwork program is a collaborative network of leading automation suppliers, distributors, system integrators, and OEMs. It can help companies streamline their supply chains, simplify projects and get more value from automation investments.

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