Experience NORD’s 2021 Digital Trade Fair in 360°

April 2, 2021
Innovative digital show format to run concurrently with ProMatDX to give attendees a uniquely-designed product overview showcasing the breadth of NORD’s capabilities.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present its 2021 Digital Trade Fair from April 12 – 16 to coincide with the ProMatDX Digital Experience. During both shows, experts from NORD will provide information on important industry trends and introduce their new, high-efficiency product portfolio that will be available later this year. Highlights will include the DuoDrive – a groundbreaking integrated drive solution, the addition of a new IE5+ motor size, and the new NORDAC ON and ON+ variable frequency drives that offer additional functionality and safety features.

In addition to these new products, NORD’s Digital Trade Fair will also include an overview of their existing drive solutions including reliable and versatile gear units, motors, and VFDs. The show will be presented in a 360° video format that allows attendees to go through a tour of all product exhibits or browse individual exhibits at their leisure.

The patented DuoDrive is a revolutionary single-stage helical gearbox and IE5+ synchronous motor in one housing. This innovative unit features high power density paired with a smooth, hygienic, and compact design.

With up to 92% system efficiency, the DuoDrive offers market leading efficiency. The first available DuoDrive size covers gear unit speed ratios of i = 3.24 to i = 16.2 and is designed for torque ranges of up to 700 lb-in and output speeds up to 1,000 rpm. It also features mounting design and shaft flexibility including B5 flange, B14 flange, and torque arm mounts combined with keyed or keyless bore options: shrink disc and GRIPMAXX. Most importantly, DuoDrive’s efficiency allows for a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership and a much faster Return on Investment. Variant reduction is made possible with constant torque over a wide speed range and also allows for reduced spare parts inventory, another major benefit to the TCO.

Worldwide Availability - Summer 2021
U.S. Availability - Q4 2021

IE5+ Synchronous Motor New Size
NORD’s IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors feature even lower efficiency losses than their IE4 series. The currently available Size 71 has been on the market since 2020 and provides power ranges from 0.5 – 1.5 HP with a continuous torque of 14.1 – 42.5 lb-in. The new Size 90 expands this high-efficiency portfolio to offer a power range of up to 5.36 HP and continuous torque of up to 161 lb-in.

Worldwide Availability - Summer 2021
U.S. Availability - Q4 2021

The NORDAC ON and ON+ are the new decentralized variable frequency drives from NORD. They are characterized by their integrated Ethernet interface, full Plug-and-Play capability, and compact designs that provide an economic solution for IoT environments. These VFDs can be mounted directly on the motor housing and cover power ranges up to 1.27 HP. NORDAC ON was designed for use with asynchronous motors, whereas NORDAC ON+ is intended to be combined with synchronous motors, and supplements the NORD IE5+ high-efficiency portfolio.

Worldwide Availability - Q4 2021
U.S. Availability - Q1 2022

With the 2021 Digital Trade Fair, attendees can discover NORD products with the click of a mouse, joining NORD’s hosts to guide them or venturing off on their own to learn about specific NORD products. In addition to the new product offering, NORD will also showcase existing products including the NORDAC PRO SK 500P, nsd tupH sealed surface conversion, NORDCON APP with NORDAC ACCESS BT, Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance, and much more. Register today!

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