Matrox Imaging’s Basic MIL-Lite X SDK Is Now Freely Available

April 8, 2021
Free software download includes corresponding access to Matrox Vision Academy online training site.

Matrox® Imaging is pleased to announce that its MIL-Lite X software development kit is now available as a free download for all interested users.

A subset of the powerful Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, MIL-Lite X delivers a range of programming functions for performing image capture, annotation, display, and archiving. Licensed for both application development and deployment, MIL-Lite X users also gain access to applicable Matrox Vision Academy training content, software updates, and one free year of technical support. MIL-Lite X is for use with Matrox Imaging hardware, particularly the broad lineup of frame grabber boards.

In addition to the above-mentioned programing functions, MIL-Lite X provides fast operators to tackle Bayer interpolation, color space conversion, arithmetic, temporal filtering, basic geometric transformations, histogram, logic, LUT mapping, and thresholding.

Easy access to the latest updates and enhancements
In its new format, MIL-Lite X users do not need a maintenance subscription to access applicable software updates. These are available through Matrox Imaging’s software update service; users need simply download and apply.

MIL-Lite X still requires the presence of Matrox Imaging hardware—in the form of a frame grabber, vision system, or license dongle—in order to use the software.

Convenient, on-demand tutorials and technical support
To further enhance this free offering, all training videos and courses pertaining to MIL-Lite X are now freely viewable on the Matrox Vision Academy platform without need to register and log in. These videos afford an in-depth look at the range of tools and utilities available for building and optimizing applications. Users can seek out timely training at their convenience.

Matrox Imaging will also offer one complete year of technical support to all MIL-Lite X users at no cost; after one year, technical support will be available as a paid service.

“Matrox Imaging is committed to streamlining the application development journeys of our customers, and with this top of mind, we made MIL-Lite X a free download,” says Pierantonio Boriero, director of product management, Matrox Imaging. “This SDK pairs readily with the many frame grabbers that Matrox Imaging has on offer, thus lowering the development barrier for all users.”

MIL-Lite X is now available as a free download from the Matrox Imaging website.

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