New Omron K7GE-MB Motor Insulation Resistance Monitor Minimizes Unplanned Downtime

April 26, 2021
Manufacturers can benefit from the new K7GE-MG monitoring device which automatically measures the insulation resistance of motors and equipment at manufacturing sites.

Industry-leading industrial automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas recently launched the K7GE-MB motor insulation resistance monitor to help manufacturers reduce unplanned downtime by automatically monitoring motor condition. Manufacturers currently using a manual-based inspection strategy will see improvements to productivity, reliability and safety by switching to a continuous predictive maintenance strategy using remote monitoring.

Aging equipment and a shortage of skilled maintenance employees can contribute to sudden breakdowns and stoppages at manufacturing sites, significantly impacting overall factory productivity. A comprehensive predictive maintenance strategy can mitigate these difficulties and remove unnecessary inspection tasks that can be dangerous. By combining advanced sensing technology with anomaly detection algorithms, Omron condition monitoring devices eliminate unexpected line stoppages and protect employees from hazardous activities.

The K7GE-MG monitoring device automatically measures the insulation resistance and monitors abnormal conditions at manufacturing sites instead of requiring measurements to be taken manually. Continuous remote monitoring helps evaluate the trend of deterioration in insulation resistance in order to avoid unexpected equipment downtime. The K7GE-MG is also designed to be simple to install on existing production lines and monitor equipment without process interruptions.

Features and benefits of the K7GE-MB include the following:

  • Highly reproducible measurements that incorporate the expertise of skilled maintenance employees. The measured value of insulation resistance varies greatly depending on a machine’s operating and wiring conditions, so conventional manual measurements by mega ohm meter typically do not have high repeatability. The K7GE-MB gives the highly reproducible measurements that are required for trend monitoring.
  • Low voltage measurement with no overload on the machine equipment. The K7GE-MB has a fixed applied voltage of 50VDC, which is much lower than the applied voltage of the mega ohm meter used for manual measurement (500VDC/1000VDC).
  • Ability to obtain data from remote locations by connecting to a network. The K7GE-MB can provide remote monitoring environment by a network connection using HMI, PLC and/or serial gateway equipment for communication between manufacturing site and office. It is also possible to check the measurement results at the site via the LCD display that offers high visibility.
  • High usability according to equipment and application. Up to eight probe units can be added for a single K7GE-MB master unit to the target measurement equipment of the same system. The number of probe units can be installed according to measurement equipment need to maximize space efficiency.

Industry professionals seeking to learn more about the K7GE-MB can visit the dedicated product page on the Omron website.

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