Banner's WLS15 Pro Makes Indication More Intuitive and Helps Facilities Better Manage Their Supply Chain

May 18, 2021
Programming options can reduce costs, increase process efficiency, and improve machine availability.

Banner Engineering, a global leader in industrial automation, today introduced the WLS15 Pro: a programmable LED strip light for advanced indication applications. The device allows for more intuitive indication in the visual factory by boosting productivity through improved operator response. Its configurability drives reduced inventory and spare parts lists, helping facilities better manage the supply chain.  

The WLS15 Pro lets users visually monitor processes and respond quickly to critical conditions. It provides locational guidance for pick-to-light and assembly applications. It offers long range visibility of material level, temperature, weight, and more so operators can monitor machine statuses from a distance and respond to them quickly. 

Pro Editor models are discretely controlled and ideal for users who do not have IO-Link but want control and customization capabilities to communicate information visually. The PC-based interface makes it easy to configure a light for a range of applications, such as displaying machine warm-up time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process, showing distance and position, and communicating multiple machine states. 

“Banner’s WLS15 Pro maintains its predecessor’s reliable, industrial performance with the added benefits of multicolor indication through Pro Editor, IO-Link, or PICK-IQ models,” says Robb Weidemann, Product Line Director at Banner Engineering. “These include helping to reduce costs, increasing process efficiency, and improving machine availability.” 

The WLS15 Pro offers nineteen colors for dynamic indication. Visible statuses can be used to guide operators or communicate upcoming machine movements. Advanced users with IO-Link and PICK-IQ models have total control over the entire light to indicate alarm states, display position information, and more. Additionally, mobile equipment warning signals can be used to communicate movement more effectively. The WLS15 Pro features a low-profile housing with integral mounting and low power consumption. 

The sealed, IP66, IP67-rated WLS15 Pro is constructed with sturdy aluminum frames in a shatterproof polycarbonate housing, making it resistant to wet or dusty environments as well as impact and breakage. Each WLS15 uses a fraction of the energy of many comparable light fixtures for additional cost-savings. 

Banner Engineering manufactures Industrial Automation products that include sensors, LED lights and indicators, machine safety components, and industrial wireless devices. These products help build the cars we drive, the food we eat, the medicine we take, and many of the things we touch every day. Headquartered in Minneapolis since 1966, Banner is an industry leader with over 30,000 active products, operations on six continents, over 1,500 employees, and 3,500 sales and support personnel globally. Every 3.5 seconds a Banner product is installed somewhere in the world. Online at: www.BannerEngineering.comView demo or find out more.

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