AMETEK Abaco Systems Announces New AXIS Takyon Application Programming Interface Library

May 20, 2021

AMETEK Abaco Systems announces AXIS Takyon, an open application programming interface (API) library providing peer-to-peer data communication between multiple entities in a heterogenous computer system. It supports code development efficiency by unifying all network applications under a single API compared to the multi-API solutions most often used today. This both maximizes hardware availability in the system and reduces programming errors by reducing the amount of code needed.  AXIS Takyon will be delivered as a new AXIS Pro software module. 

AXIS Takyon provides a unified approach allowing customers to do more in shorter time with less complexity. With this portable API, developers can deploy Takyon as-is in different environments without major migration time. Easy to learn and adopt, the AXIS Takyon API is intuitive in naming convention and concept, equipped with extensive documentation and example material. This reduces the average time to deployment from months to weeks. The Takyon API interface greatly simplifies the intercommunication of CPUs, GPUs and sub-systems.  This dramatically reduces the source code footprint and simplifies the number of external APIs necessary to achieve the same functionality. This single, multi-purpose API replaces several APIs, ultimately reducing the developer’s API toolbox, supporting faster deployment of peer-to-peer application software using the system's hardware capabilities.

This product is designed to be one-way, zero-copy, and receive notification with the introduction of predictable, measurable, and reproducible perturbation in send/receive activity. With fault tolerant hooks, AXIS Takyon detects timeouts and disconnects in node-to-node bonding. It can be used across a range of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications including radar, sonar, SIGINT, and image processing.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “Abaco continues to invest in software tools that reduce our customers' time to deployment and development costs. AXIS Takyon is more comprehensive, efficient, and capable than other tools available in the market. Our commitment to innovation eases the software burden of deploying HPEC applications and helps our customers to succeed.”

A fully open source reference implementation is available along with an optimized, feature rich commercial implementation providing RDMA support for low latency data movement between CPU and GPU compute entities.

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