Advantech Launches ADAM-6300 Series: OPC UA I/O Modules for IoT Digitalization

June 10, 2021

Advantech, a global leader in IoT technology, launces a next generation OPC UA I/O sensing module with Modbus protocol. ADAM-6300 is an IT/OT convergence series that integrates information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) – representing a leap forward in smart IoT technology for factories and utilities. Moreover, through the OPC UA and built-in security IC, data is highly secured throughout the OT and IT level.s

OPC UA empowers Modbus I/O users to access the industrial IoT world 
One of the challenges for industrial IoT transformation is how to seamlessly integrate an existing OT system within a new IT system. ADAM-6300 series answers this challenge with its support for both OPC UA and Modbus. OPC UA, short for Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture, is an open standard that ADAM-6300 series supports that enables interoperable and cross-vendor collaboration of machines in production and makes communication between machines and systems possible. I/O data can either be processed through Modbus to legacy OT systems, or be integrated in SCADA via the cloud and OPC UA.

OPC UA I/O links SCADA and the cloud without need for gateways 
Conventionally, most solutions leverage a protocol gateway to convert remote I/O data to OPC UA, which requires extra configuration and the software installed in the operating system of the gateway increases the system’s risk of being attacked by malware. To counter this, ADAM-6300 series is designed to communicate directly via SCADA and the cloud over OPC UA without the need of an additional gateway, saving on extra cost and integration effort. ADAM-6300 series OPC UA I/O modules are ready for SCADA and cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Ignition, Indusoft, kepware® kepserverex, Pro-face™, thingworx®, VTScada®, WebAccess, WinCC®, and Wonderware®.

Hardware and software double security levels to prevent being hacked
ADAM-6300 series is equipped with hardware and software security to double overall security levels. The designed-in IC security provides hardware-level protection, and additional OPC UA software further enhances security and data encryption. 

Cost-effective: high I/O density and daisy-chaining solution saves cost
ADAM-6300 series has high I/O density and supports daisy chain connectivity, which is the most cost-effective solution to fulfill versatile needs. Users benefit from cost saving on the number of I/O modules, switches, cabling, and space-saving within control cabinets.

ADAM-6300 series is the most interoperable, secure, and cost-effective solution out there. ADAM-6300 is highly recommended for applications such as water treatment, machine management, and production process monitoring. The new series are available now from Advantech certified distributors, channels, E-commerce partners and Advantech’s website from April 2021. Visit the links below to find out more.

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