AMETEK Abaco Systems Announces Significant Upgrades to Switch Management Software

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Open Ware

Abaco Systems announces OpenWare V6.5, the newest version of the industry’s most flexible network management software. This release includes routing and web interface improvements and security patches to keep OpenWare at the forefront of industry changes and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation.

Abaco delivers an upgrade which provides widely requested features including Free Range Routing capabilities, handling alternatives for unregistered messages, and greater SNMP control to make an OpenWare switch the ideal fit for our customer’s systems. Security upgrades include the latest CVEs, package updates, and the implementation of file signing to provide further confidence in our customer’s network safety and security from intrusion. Acting as a complimentary rugged embedded networking software to our hardware, OpenWare V6.5 is available for a wide range of NETernity products, including 3U VPX products like the SWE440A and the RES3000 COTS System.

At Abaco, innovation is at the core of who we are, and we strive to provide our customers with best-in-class products to meet their changing needs. Having an eye to the future in every release, our OpenWare team’s experience provides the knowledge needed to help customers with challenging networks and modifications which will accommodate specific needs. OpenWare provides the flexibility and adaptability needed so that Abaco is able to choose the best open source packages or implement our own solutions to best serve our customers. OpenWare V6.5 is the newest release since late September 2020 and this upgrade sets up necessary framework for new and exciting features which will come in OpenWare versions 6.6 and 6.7.

According to Pete Thompson, VP of Product Management of Abaco Systems, Inc., “OpenWare V6.5 is truly a customer focused release, adding features in high demand like file signing and Free Range Routing, while also making it easier than ever to control and configure OpenWare. Our goal is to listen to our customer’s needs and have our experienced team innovate solutions to deliver exactly what is needed to enable the customer to succeed. Every upgrade to OpenWare meets these goals and version 6.5 is no exception.”

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