New Cockpit Vision Software Expansion Package Lets You Connect 4 Additional Industrial Cameras to SmartVision Controller

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Bvs Smart Camera Software Expansion Cockpit Tablet

Balluff’s new vision system software expansion package allows users to add up to four additional cameras to the SmartVision controller, bringing the total to eight. Each camera operates independently using its own instance of the Balluff Cockpit software.

Cockpit, Balluff’s camera interface and programming tool, allows users to set up tasks like verifying measurements or reading codes. The SmartVision controller runs these tasks without the need for additional software. The Cockpit graphical user interface is accessible from a web browser, so you don’t have to connect a computer directly to the cameras to configure or operate them. The Cockpit software, which is licensed for up to four cameras, comes preinstalled on the SmartVision controller. The new expansion package provides licensing for an additional four cameras.

“This expansion opens up the power of the Balluff SmartVision controller,” said Logan Welch, Balluff technical sales specialist. “Our vision system is industry agnostic. Any application with multiple points of interest can benefit from gaining the additional fields of view.”

The expansion takes advantage of the existing power of the controller and delivers added flexibility for users. The controller offers the connection of up to four GigE and USB3 cameras each for a total of eight. This is double the previous capability. And it is easy to upgrade an existing SmartVision controller by purchasing the expansion license through the Balluff WebShop.

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