igus Continuous Flexing Control and Signal Cable from AutomationDirect

Aug. 3, 2021

The new igus Chainflex CF211 and CF11 series control and signal cable is specifically designed, tested, and manufactured to reliably serve continuous flexing, high mechanical load application requirements.

This cable is available in sizes ranging from 26 AWG to 20 AWG, with up to four twisted pairs with overall shield, and provide a guaranteed service life between 5 million and 10 million cycles when operated within specified conditions.

igus Chainflex series cable is an excellent choice for connecting low-voltage signals such as encoders, position sensors, and analog signals.

igus CF series cable can be cut to your specified lengths in 1-foot increments with a 20-ft. minimum, starting at $0.70 per foot.

Learn more by visiting www.automationdirect.com.

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