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Advantech Releases EKI-1511 Entry-Level Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server

Eki 1511 Il Front O

Advantech is proud to add the EKI-1511 series to its line of serial-to-Ethernet device servers. The EKI-1511 series are industrial grade, entry-level serial-to-Ethernet device servers that support widely adopted RS-232/422/485 serial modes for serial-to-Ethernet protocol conversion. Their compact size and affordability are suitable for limited space applications, and projects requiring partial serial device digitalization.

Supports Ethernet and Serial Communication
The EKI-1511 entry-level serial-to-Ethernet device servers are equipped with 1 x serial port and 1 x Ethernet port. This series enables protocol conversion between serial and Ethernet protocols while easing serial device internet connection. The EKI-1511L leverages common RS-232 standard interfaces to connect to computers and displays. Alternatively, EKI-1511X, delivers RS-422/485 standard interfaces and improved anti-interference performance. In sum, the varied selection of EKI-1511 devices accommodates diverse applications.

Industrial Grade Hardware Design with UL Safety Certification
Advantech’s EKI-1511 series adheres to EMC and UL certification standards. These compact devices are encased within an industrial-grade, ruggedized metal housing capable of withstanding impacts. The EKI-1511IL variant supports broad operating temperatures of -40 ~ 75 °C (-40 ~ 167 °F) and, like all of the EKI-1511 series, is an excellent solution for applications within harsh, limited-space environments.   

Secure Access IP Function (whitelisting) Augments Security
Recent increases in malicious cyber threats have brought OT security to the forefront of customer concerns. Congruously, Advantech’s EKI-1511 series has several management mechanisms that ensure safe data transmission. One mechanism — Secure Access IP — leverages a whitelist that grants communication access to devices with authorized IP addresses exclusively. Users can exploit this feature to define/update IP whitelists according to the security needs of individual devices.

Serial device IP-ization is the first step into the world of industry 4.0. Advantech’s EKI-1511 series is aimed at the entry-level device server market, providing an affordable solution capable of connecting PLC, meters, sensors, barcode scanners, and other serial devices to an IP-based Ethernet LAN using RS-232 or RS-422/485 interfaces.

Advantech’s EKI-1511 is available for order now. To obtain more information about this or other Advantech products, contact your local sales support team or visit our website at

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