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Telemecanique Sensors Releases the Single, Top Level Performance Line of Photoelectric Sensors for Most Applications

XUM Photoelectric
XUM Photoelectric

Industrial production is a competitive advantage for all companies, whatever their size and whatever their activities. The new production modes, digitalized and more oriented to e-commerce, have boosted some key segments such as logistics, material handling, packaging, electrical and electronic components. To support this increased production rate, equipment investments are key and must be well optimized. One of the critical components in the heart of the machine is the sensor.

XUM PhotoelectricXUM PhotoelectricThe starting point when selecting a sensor is its polyvalence. Choosing a new miniature XUM Photoelectric Sensor from Telemecanique Sensors provides the assurance of having the most universal technology. Working as a non-contact sensor using light detection, it can operate in different modes depending on the circumstance. From 100mm to 30m sensing distances using any of four different detection modes, the XUM Photoelectric Sensor can be used in virtually any application.

After the detection mode of the required photoelectric sensors is addressed, concerns inevitably switch to detection performance and switching frequency speed. This presents further challenges. Do the selected sensors perform and at industry-best levels?

The Telemecanique Sensors XUM Photoelectric Sensor line addresses all these concerns.

Increase your production rates
Even in strongly lit environments and at high speed, the XUM will detect targets as fast as every half millisecond. Coupled with an unmatched sensing distance, the XUM’s anti-interference mode allows side-by-side installations for complete, rapid detection coverage over wide areas!

Simplify your machine integration
The XUM’s miniature size and robust, anti-corrosive housing allows quick installation in compact spaces of even harsh industrial applications and EMC environments. Easily control sensing distance and output settings in all modes using a sensitive potentiometer.

“Simply easy!” product selection
Reduce inventory and cut stock management cost with a simpler, concentrated 6-version range that addresses virtually any photoelectric sensing application.

The new XUM Photoelectric Sensors from Telemecanique Sensors: 

  • Top level quality & performance for unmatched sensing distances.
  • Simple integration into your machine.
  • Easy product selection.

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