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The OPC UA .Net Standard Toolkit from Softing Just Added Support for Machine Builders and PubSub MQTT


OPC UA has dramatically changed the machine-2-machine communications. OPC UA is a service-oriented communications standard that is based on IPV4 and IPV6. Its flexible architecture combined with the .NET Standard specification creates a powerful environment to rapidly develop OPC UA applications. The .NET Standard solves the code sharing problem for .NET developers across all platforms by bringing all the APIs that you expect across the environments that you need: desktop applications, mobile apps, and cloud services.

Softing is a leader in OPC UA technology and has released a new version of its dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard Toolkits. Version 2.90 of the OPC UA .NET Standard Toolkits add the Pub/Sub MQTT protocol to the SDK, support for UMATI NodeSet files, NodesSet2 XML handling, and performance improvements for your next OPC UA development project.

dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard Client and Server toolkits from Softing at a glance

New Features

  • Pub/Sub MQTT – Use MQTT as the transport protocol of OPC UA Pub/Sub
    • Amendment OPC 10001-13: Ordered List – Support for Nodeset file (address space) of Umati (universal machine technology interface), which supports the community of machine building industries and their customers for open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA. See also
    • Import NodeSet2 XML sets – Improves import of address space to the server
    • Upgrade XamarinSampleServer to version 9.0 (Pie) – an ideal starting point to develop your own OPC UA server
    • Support for Register and Unregister Nodes – Performance improvement when accessing OPC UA server items
  • Cross-compiling to multiple operating systems. Use one codebase to compile into multiple operating systems
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Android
  • OPC UA Client/Server Profiles
    • Core Characteristics, Data Access, Complex Data (OPC UA Client API), Base Eventing, Methods, Audit, Node Management, Historical Access, Alarms and Conditions, Publisher, Subscriber
  • Development Environment
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (limited support), Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Standard 1.4, .NET Standard 2.0

Please feel free to download the trial version of our dataFEED OPC UA Client and Server toolkits. The trial version is in binary format only. Feel free to download the free-of-charge OPC UA Demo Client. Click on the link below to open the product page. On the product page, select the OPC toolkit that fits your needs and click on it. You will need to register with the website to download the trial version of the toolkit. Registration is free-of-charge.

For more information, visit their website.

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