ProSense Temperature Probes and Sensors from AutomationDirect

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Prosense Temperature Sensors 5x7

AutomationDirect has added new ProSense temperature probes, sensors, and thermowells to their existing portfolio of process sensors. Four new probe designs and three new sensor designs are offered to meet the needs of unique applications.

New probe additions include heat trace probes, flange mount probes, cuttable probes, and melt bolt probes. New sensor designs include threaded bolt style, spade sensors, and magnet mount sensors.

All of these probes and sensors are offered with type J thermocouple sensing elements. Type K thermocouple elements and PT100 RTDs with class A accuracy are also available with select series.

New thermowells include models specifically designed for sanitary Clean-in-Place applications and for probes that have a tri-clamp process connection.

These new ProSense temperature sensing products start at $26.00, are proudly made in the USA, and have an eighteen-month warranty.

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