Power Central Leverages Ewon® Flexy in Unified ERP Solution for Food Packaging Businesses

Oct. 1, 2021
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Power Central, a systems integrator specializing in food packaging process optimization, is offering an Azure-based solution for food packaging. What used to take manufacturers 20 hours of analysis can now be done in less than 20 minutes. This makes for faster and better business decisions. Power Central will be demonstrating this technology at Pack Expo Booth 8422. 

Power Central’s SaaS application monitors exactly how much material is used during each production run, in real-time. This information is compared with the number of units produced and the amount of material returned to stock. Additionally, it measures the run time of any given line or machine.  Information is collected automatically by reading machine data or semi-automatically with QR codes eliminating manual entry errors.

All data collected is refined into easy-to-read dashboards allowing the manufacturer to better understand their use of ingredients and machine utilization.  As a result, the cost per product can be monitored day-to-day.  In an environment where ingredient costs fluctuate daily, this information is critical to determining accurate costs.

The Ewon Flexy gateways from HMS Networks allow Power Central to capture data directly from machines during the production cycle.  “By capturing information directly from machines, Power Central can eliminate human errors which are common in these production environments” says Viswanath Puttagunta CEO of Power Central.  “Additionally, the act of monitoring the production process itself leads to better performance across the manufacturing staff.”

“HMS is excited to partner with Power Central and demonstrate this technology at Pack Expo.  Power Central is an example of how data can lead to optimized decision-making. The food processing industry can benefit greatly from the Power Central system” says Tom McKinney Director of Engineering Services at HMS.  

Visit HMS’s Power Central solution page for more info on this solution or meet us at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, on September 27—29, Booth 8422

Watch the HMS Azure Microservices webinar highlighting Power Central

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