ProSense Conductive Liquid Level Controllers from AutomationDirect

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Prosense Level Controller 5x7

AutomationDirect has added new ProSense CLC series conductive liquid level controllers to their line of quality level sensors and controllers.

The CLC series level controllers detect and control levels of conductive liquids (tap water, seawater, sewage, chemical solutions, coffee, milk, etc.) in dual-probe pump-up (fill) and/or pump-down (drain) applications. 

These controllers compare the measured resistance value between the high/low probes and a common (either the tank wall or a third probe) with the setpoint controlled by the onboard potentiometer. A wide adjustable sensitivity range is included to meet a large variety of liquid types. These level controllers pulse the probes with a DC voltage to prevent potential electroplating issues and the output relay can control pumps, solenoids, or valves to automatically lower, raise or maintain the liquid level in the tank.

ProSense conductive liquid level controllers have a one-year warranty and are priced at $49.00.

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