Danfoss Introduces the New VACON® 1000 Medium Voltage Drive

Nov. 8, 2021
A configurable and reliable addition to Danfoss’ portfolio of modular and versatile medium voltage drives.

Danfoss Drives, a leader in AC drive technology, has expanded its medium voltage drives product portfolio with the new VACON® 1000 medium voltage drive. Based on Danfoss’ unsurpassed experience in advanced AC drive technologies, the VACON® 1000 air-cooled MV drive is the preferred choice for industrial medium voltage general purpose applications, especially for variable torque loads such as pumps and fans.  

Available in voltages from 2.4 kV up to 11 kV, the VACON® 1000 offers the smallest footprint in the medium voltage drive industry below 215 A for an air-cooled MV drive. Its stand-alone design allows for simple and safe installation and fast commissioning, while its modular design ensures easy spare parts management and maintenance. The well-equipped basic configuration can be extended with a wide range of options. 

Power range: 

  • 2400-3000 VAC: 150-3530 kVA 
  • 3300-4160 VAC: 210-4900 kVA 
  • 6000-6900 VAC: 375-8130 kVA 

Built for reliability, the VACON® 1000 features a high MTBF that enables up to 200,000 hours of non-stop operation, detailed fault monitoring for reduced downtime and a redundant cooling fan option that reduces downtime due to potential fan failures.  

Other features and benefits of the VACON® 1000 include: 

  • Fast commissioning and start-up, thanks to 100 percent burn-in testing prior to shipping 
  • Easy selections for a wide variety of configurations  
  • Front access only that allows for easy installation, service and maintenance 
  • Designs with distinct input and output voltage levels, reducing the need for extra power transformers 

Designed according to applicable IEC and UL standards, the VACON® 1000 also complies with international medium voltage drive safety requirements and can be offered with cUL certification. 

“Energy efficiency is a key lever as the world searches for ways to reduce energy consumption in a fast and intelligent way. Studies show that we could reduce energy consumption up to 8 percent by installing variable speed drives in all suitable pump, fan and compressor applications,” said Dan Isaksson, head of medium voltage drives at Danfoss Drives. “The new VACON® 1000 air-cooled medium voltage variable speed drive is ideally suited for these applications and complements the VACON® 3000 liquid-cooled medium voltage drive as well as Danfoss’ vast offering of low voltage drives, allowing users of variable speed drives the ability to choose the optimal solution for their variable speed drive needs from Danfoss.”  

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