Energy Management Digital Platform

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CARLO GAVAZZI is excited to announce our Energy Management Digital Platform featuring our entire product range of Energy Meters, Gateways, Transducers and Current Transformers. These products are popular for maximizing energy efficiency, and used in submetering, data centers, energy storage, and EV charging applications.

The Energy Management Digital Platform is an information-laden single web page that provides rich digital content related to our energy management portfolio, including:

  • Who is Carlo Gavazzi: A brief synopsis of our company, describing our long-running global dominance in the design, manufacture and sales of energy monitoring technology and our other building and industrial automation solutions
  • Why monitor energy: A description of what specifically Energy Meters and Transducers/Current Transformers do, followed by a link to our webinar on Critical Load Monitoring Solutions
  • Our Product Range: Including links from our popular product series to: Brochures, Videos, User Manuals, Configuration Software, and Product Selection Guides for each
  • Product Selection Guide: Enter your application variables, and you’ll not only be provided the required part number, but also the applicable accessories. You’ll also be provided with links to the part numbers required, as well as their data sheet and inventory levels of our distribution channel partners
  • Connecting to the Edge and Beyond: A description of how to take metered values and communicate them to the Cloud
  • Wireless Solutions: A description of how to take metered values and communicate wirelessly, i.e. cellular, LoRaWan
  • Applications: A brief description of various applications within key market segments, with links to our Market-specific or Solution-specific Brochures showcasing our full complement of Sensors, Controls and Switches solutions
  • Side Assistance Links: There are two interactive chat tool links for questions, answers, and other support needs
  • Bottom Links: A full array of links to our social media and YouTube Channel, along with our various sales offices across the Americas and beyond

Here is the link to the Energy Management Digital Platform.

Carlo Gavazzi is available today to discuss any energy metering/management needs or projects you may have. The products featured on the Energy Management Digital Platform are available from Carlo Gavazzi’s network of sales offices and distributors in the Americas, or at

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