Advantech and Momenta’s AIoT Ecosystem Fund Invests in Axiom Cloud, the Digital Twin Solution for Refrigeration

Nov. 11, 2021
Momenta joins leading investors to scale Axiom Cloud, a company revolutionizing how the world's cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained.

Axiom Cloud, a cloud analytics solution that digitally transforms how cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained – today announced the closing of its latest funding round. Joining Momenta are co-investors Vela PartnersLorimer Ventures, and Leadout Capital, the financing will enable Axiom to scale its already strong presence across grocery chains, including current customers Supermarket Outlet and Whole Foods.

The energy grid is undergoing rapid transformation, with digital technologies connecting distributed power generation, storage, and transmission assets in intelligent networks. Building owners can now link their assets to the power grid and save costs while contributing to a more reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective energy ecosystem. Ryan Wartena, the founder of Momenta portfolio company Geli (acquired by Hanwha Q-Cells), dubbed this movement the “Internet of Energy”.

"While solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries were the first wave of intelligent assets to be connected to the power grid, the next wave will be large energy consumers like refrigeration and HVAC equipment," said Lee Carter, Principal Partner of Momenta. "Digitizing existing refrigeration systems, which may account for up to 70% of a supermarket's total energy consumption, will provide a significant opportunity for building owners to lower energy costs and optimize their maintenance workflows."

Amrit Robbins, CEO of Axiom Cloud, states, “This funding will enable us to address critical scaling constraints and expand our apps' interoperability with new types of facilities, all while meeting our customers' demand for Axiom Cloud's apps in an increasing number of locations. We are thrilled to be collaborating with a Digital Industry veteran like Momenta to assist us flourish on our path”.

Refrigerators are under-digitized. Combining data analytics and machine learning with sensors already installed in most refrigeration systems makes it possible to forecast failures such as power outages, refrigerant leaks, and equipment breakdowns, the majority of which go undiscovered until it is too late. A typical grocery store has over 1,000 refrigeration data streams but stores don't use them to generate new insights. Refrigeration maintenance accounts for up to 90% of all grocery service calls, according to the American Grocer's Association.

Enter Axiom Cloud, a company that uses cloud analytics to solve both painful energy & maintenance problems for refrigeration with three powerful applications:

  1. Facilities Analyzer – A refrigeration solutions that provides store owners with a single dashboard for real-time data from all their cooling assets. Predictive analytics allows operators to handle issues before they become inundated with high-priority alarms.
  2. Virtual Technician – Axiom's software automatically addresses refrigeration and maintenance issues, eliminating the need to dispatch a service van each time a problem arises.
  3. Virtual Battery – Turns frozen merchandise into an “intelligent battery” to save energy. Axiom uses AI to predict the most cost-efficient times to precool frozen inventory; by intelligently overcooling frozen foods during off-peak hours, store owners can save up to 15% on energy bills. But that's not all; store owners can also enroll in a demand response energy program to generate additional revenue.

MC Chiang, Vice President of Service-IoT of Advantech states “Advantech focuses on intelligent retail, warehouse and logistics of city service industry, this partnership with Axiom Cloud through AIoT Ecosystem Fund will enrich our city service AIoT solution portfolio, bringing values to our customers and partners with Axiom Cloud’s powerful applications to address the demand of refrigerators facility management.”

Tune into this week’s podcast episode “The Digital Thread” where Ken Forster, Executive Director of Momenta speaks with Axiom’s CEO, Amrit Robbins about his mission to make the world’s cooling systems more sustainable through the usage of AI software and automation.

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