CLICK PLUS Serial Communication Option Slot Module and 2-Slot CPUs from AutomationDirect

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Click Plus Dcm 5x7

CLICK PLUS PLCs combine the simplicity of the original CLICK PLC with advanced features, including Wi-Fi capability, MQTT communication, data logging, and mobile access. The new CLICK PLUS 2-slot CPU offers an additional built-in option module slot for even more PLC I/O customization. Over 400 option slot I/O module combinations are now possible for a single stand-alone PLC unit. The CLICK PLUS option module slots allow for easily changeable I/O configurations to match the job at hand in lieu of the fixed I/O offered in the original CLICK series PLCs.

For systems with even higher I/O needs, the 2-slot CPU can also be expanded with up to 8 additional stackable I/O modules for up to 156 discrete I/O or 60 analog I/O points total. Numerous stackable modules are available, offering discrete, relay, analog, temperature, and combination I/O.

Both CLICK and CLICK PLUS PLCs use the same user-friendly FREE programming software offering simple, straightforward control. One-slot CLICK PLUS CPUs start at $89, and two-slot versions start at $121.

For applications that rely heavily on serial communication, the new CLICK PLUS serial communication option slot module (C2-DCM) allows you to add two RS-232/RS-485 serial ports to any single-slot CLICK PLUS CPU and up to four additional serial ports with the 2-slot CPUs. This module supports both Modbus RTU and ASCII communication and is priced at $105.

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