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Allied Electronics & Automation Offers Altech Cutting-edge Power Protection Solution

CBI all-in-one battery management and monitoring system keeps businesses up and running.

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With power grid infrastructure modernization years away, companies need uninterrupted, reliable power solutions to protect and maintain operations and assets during weather-related events and unexpected outages. For many companies, Altech’s CBI All-in-One DC Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is an ideal solution. Allied Electronics & Automation is proud to now offer this complete battery charging, management, and monitoring system.

“We developed the CBI DC UPS system because we realized many companies still depend on outdated battery back-ups and generators to keep the power on, and frankly, they just aren’t up to the task anymore,” explained Laszlo Gyorgypal, Product Manager at Altech. “To solve that problem, we designed battery-related technology that’s able to address modern emergency power requirements.”

The result of Altech’s efforts is a unique multi-purpose device, an all-in-one power solution that seamlessly combines four key capabilities: AC/DC power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module, and backup module. In addition, the CBI UPS’ power distribution and management capabilities are hard to match:  

  • Available power is automatically distributed among load and battery, supplying power to the load as the first priority.
  • If the device is disconnected from the main power source, the battery supplies the load until the battery voltage reaches 1.5 V per cell to prevent deep discharge of the battery.
  • A microprocessor controls battery charging by determining the battery condition and selecting the appropriate charging mode.
  • A real-time diagnostics system continuously monitors the charging process and flags potential faults such as short circuits, reverse polarity connection, and battery disconnection.

The CBI DC UPS’s main features are equally impressive and include: 

  • Space-saving all-in-one system
  • Universal input voltage range: 110 VAC, 230VAC or 277VAC
  • Output voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V DC with current rating up to 35A
  • Wide temperature range: -30° C to 70° C
  • Rugged metal case with DIN rail mount
  • UL certification for all versions
  • Selectable charging curves for a variety of battery chemistries

 “It’s hard to overstate the impact the CBI UPS can have on a company’s ability to operate and remain productive during an extended power outage,” says Gyorgypal. “Old-school batteries and generators simply can’t compare to the multi-stage smart-battery capabilities of the CBI system. It’s a night and day difference for industrial applications.”

Multiple configurations of Altech’s CBI UPS system are available at Allied. As an authorized distributor for Altech and many other brands, Allied helps engineers, plant managers, and other purchasers quickly find the products they need.

For more information on Altech’s CBI All-in-One Power Solutions and how to acquire them, please go to:

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