Opto 22 Releases New groov EPIC® I/O Modules for Large-Scale Power Monitoring and Signal Integration

Dec. 9, 2021
GRV-IVAPM-3 for three-phase AC power monitoring. GRV-MM1001-10 for universal I/O.

Today, industrial automation and IIoT manufacturer Opto 22 announced two new I/O modules for its groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller: GRV-IVAPM-3 for Category III three-phase AC power monitoring up to 600 VAC and GRV-MM1001-10 for universal I/O sensing and control.

Cost-effective power monitoring and I/O signal integration are fundamental requirements for large-scale digital transformation. Opto 22’s new module options allow engineers, developers, and digital transformation leads to collect power and energy data, machine performance, and asset status directly from field devices and equipment and transport it securely into backend systems.

With simple web-based configuration, the GRV-IVAPM-3 module captures Category III AC voltage, current, energy, and power measurements, facilitating preventative and predictive maintenance and energy optimization cost-saving initiatives.

The module can separately measure up to 3 different single-phase (two-wire with neutral) branch circuits from the same service or a single 3-phase wye (up to 400 VAC) or delta (up to 600 VAC) circuit. Engineers can use either 0.333 VAC, 1 VAC, or 5 A Category III current transformers (CTs) for current measurement and, if necessary, can use a different CT type on each circuit.

GRV-IVAPM-3 provides 18 real-time data points per phase—including voltage, current, true and reactive power, power factor, and frequency—and 10 additional data points providing totals across all three phases. Accumulated values are preserved in non-volatile memory every

30 seconds to survive power interruption, and signal accuracy can be tuned for each phase using the minimum voltage threshold ratio, minimum current threshold ratio, and power creep adjustment properties.

Based on Opto 22’s successful groov RIO edge I/O module, the new GRV-MM1001-10 module for groov EPIC gives engineers the flexibility to quickly connect almost any traditional I/O signal or circuit they find in the field without specifying precise sensing requirements in advance.

This software-configurable universal I/O module accepts over a dozen signal types—analog and discrete, inputs and outputs. It supports over 200,000 unique I/O configurations via eight multifunction, multi-signal I/O channels, including thermocouples (TCs), integrated circuit temperature devices (ICTDs), thermistors/resistors, voltage inputs/outputs, current inputs/outputs, millivolt inputs, discrete DC inputs, self-wetting discrete inputs, and discrete DC sinking outputs. It also includes two form C mechanical relays.

groov RIO modules can be used in combination with GRV-MM1001-10 modules on groov EPIC to provide both universal remote and local I/O capabilities, accelerating signal integration for large facilities and remote sites. 

Both of Opto 22’s new modules provide signal quality indicators and intelligent functions like scaling, averaging, and totalizing. Once acquired, data from both GRV-IVAPM-3 and

GRV-MM1001-10 is immediately available for distribution to backend applications through the groov EPIC processor’s embedded MQTT clients, Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation®, REST API, and traditional industrial communication protocols.

GRV-IVAPM-3 ($895) and GRV-MM1001-10 ($895) modules are available through Opto 22’s global network of distributors and system integrators, and directly via +1-800-321-OPTO and www.opto22.com.

groov EPIC firmware 3.3.0 and PAC Project 10.4 or a groov EPIC SSH license are required for full support, with CODESYS support coming soon. Free technical support is provided for all Opto 22 products from pre-sales through the life of the system.

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