NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Present Specialized Solutions for the Poultry and Meat Industry at IPPE 2022

Jan. 19, 2022
NORD offers a wide range of drive solutions for the poultry industry including overhead conveyor drives and screw conveyor packages.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will showcase their newest innovative drive solutions for meat and poultry production, processing, and packaging at IPPE 2022. NORD’s products are reliable, versatile, and wash-down ready—essential qualities for the strict guidelines of food and beverage industries. IPPE show attendees can speak directly with NORD experts to find the drives and control systems that will meet their specific application needs.

    These specialized solutions will be on display in NORD’s booth BC9423:

    Smooth Surface Gear Units—Thanks to their wash-down design, NORD’s smooth surface units are ideal for applications with high hygiene standards such as food and beverage, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, and poultry and meat processing. They are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and include options such as QUADRALIP™ seals on both shaft ends, threaded cable entry holes, sealed and gasketed terminal boxes, and moisture resistant epoxy dipped windings for low maintenance.

    Key features:

  • Available with nsd tupH™ Sealed Surface Conversion
  • Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant
  • Continuous Duty / Premium Efficient / Non-ventilated

    nsd tupH™ Sealed Surface Conversion—NORD’s nsd tupH™ is a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to stainless steel that offers exceptional protection and resistance to cleaning agents typically used in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The chromate-free chemical process transforms the physical properties of the aluminum housing to create a surface that is up to 7 times harder than the original aluminum. The additional sealant adds resistance to acids and alkalis, will not spread corrosion, and unlike paint, will not flake or chip.

    Key Advantages:

  • Lightweight compared to stainless steel
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Conforms to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300

    Overhead Conveyor Drives—NORD’s overhead conveyor drives feature high quality components, heavy duty construction, and are specially designed for the food and beverage industry. In addition to a mounting flange and output shaft that provide an easy drop fit into industry-standard footprints, overhead drives are equipped with a standard VL3 spread bearing design with dry cavity that allows the drive to handle high, overhung loads. With high efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, the SK 9055 and SK 9155 have a low total cost of ownership and provide clean and reliable operation.

    Key features:

  • QUADRALIP™ sealing system
  • Spread bearing design with dry cavity for optimized oil leakage protection
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • UNICASE™ housing
  • Flexible input options

    Screw Conveyor Package—NORD’s Screw Conveyor Package (SCP) offers a cost-effective drive solution that minimizes parts and eliminates belted input systems to provide easier system maintenance, increased reliability, and superior drive performance. The combination of closely stepped ratios and a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input improves system efficiency in a more compact design. The Screw Conveyor Package design is available for both CLINCHER™ Parallel Shaft gear units and Helical-Bevel Right Angle gear units. SCP drive options feature a UNICASE™ gearbox housing, an optimized sealing system, and optional high capacity output bearings with CEMA standard flange mounting and CEMA drive shafts. Drives are protected from debris via dual Viton™ gap seals and drive shaft material evacuation ports on the CEMA flange assembly.

    Key features:

  • QUADRALIP™ sealing system
  • Direct drive motor options (Integral or C-face)
  • Reduced parts for higher reliability and lower maintenance
  • Standard CEMA drive shaft

    NORD manufactures a wide selection of gear units, electric motors, and drive electronics in various sizes and configurations for use within the meat and poultry industry. The modular design system offers nearly unlimited versatility with more than 20,000,000 unique combinations of gearmotors and speed reducers—giving customers complete freedom to specify a drive solution that’s perfect for the job.

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