Surgere Signs Porsche Carrera Driver Parker Thompson

March 22, 2022
The leader in supply chain IoT extends its relationship with winning driver.

Surgere, a leading company in IoT supply chain visibility, announced today that their motorsports division has signed a new sponsorship contract with Parker Thompson, a driver on the JDX racing team in the IMSA Porsche Carrera Cup North America series.  Surgere has been involved with motorsports and a sponsor of Thompson for over a year. Under the new agreement, Thompson will participate in Surgere-sponsored events, social media, and track events.  Additionally, Surgere will expand its technology incubation program with Thompson’s crew testing RFID Pit Technology. 

Motorsports has been an integral part of Surgere since its inception. Speed and accuracy are synonymous with racing. The ability to monitor and capture real-time performance and convert that data into a winning strategy is every race team’s wish. Surgere works across many of the largest automotive OEMS, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and shares a passion for automotive innovation, excellence, and the thrill of driving. 

“We love Parker and are happy to continue our successful relationship,” said Michael Wappler, Surgere’s Vice President Business Development, Motorsports. “Parker is a great supporter of everything we do in and around the track. The ability to understand the miles and wear and tear of parts in real-time saves dollars and drives performance. Using our patented software and certified hardware, we have helped Parker and his team gain visibility into monitoring authenticity, mileage, usage, or consumption per part for race regulations. We recognize that supply chain is everywhere, even on the track. Our involvement with Parker and his team will help improve efficiency and reduce costs for racing teams.”

“I am so proud and happy to continue my relationship with Surgere, they are an integral part of my racing team,” Parker states. “Just like how my engineer uses data to make my racecar faster and more reliable during the race season, the data Surgere has provided to my team, as well as my other sponsors, has helped us solve complex supply chain issues, which has already saved us all time and money.  I look forward to working with Surgere on more applications to improve supply chain issues throughout the industry.”

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