Ixthus Announce New Ultrasonic Sensors From Migatron Corp.

April 25, 2022

Migatron Corp., the leading USA ultrasonic sensor manufacturer has recently announced a two new sensor models aimed at proximity detection and displacement measurement tasks for production line applications such as high-speed counting, liquid level, and many other areas of process control. The low-cost LCU-40APW is a self-contained sensor with an operational range from 100 mm to 1 metre with a analogue output and pulse width output included – allowing use for either fixed, factory calibrated 250mV per inch measurement (analogue) or with time-of-flight measurement to determine distance (pulse width). The new RPS-409A-IS3 is an intrinsically safe ultrasonic position sensor for measurement ranges from 100 mm to 5.5 metres in four range options where its 0 … 10 V DC output is a fixed analogue volts-per-inch value based on the maximum range of the unit. This sensor is certified for use in hazardous gas or dust environments classified as Class I, II, or III when used with approved intrinsic safety barriers. Both of these new models are available with full support from Migatron’s UK distribution partner, Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd.        

Ultrasonic sensors from ISO9001:2015 registered Migatron measure distance/displacement by comparing outgoing and reflected high frequency signals against time and suit both proximity and range measurement, mainly regardless of the material, colour, transparency, or surface of the medium being measured or tracked. Across Migatron’s comprehensive range its sensors are characterised by fully sealed housings and encapsulated solid state electronics using a variety of materials – altogether offering extreme resilience to environments, providing truly long-life non-contacting measurement and essentially maintenance free operation. These sensors also offer a superior resistance to shock and vibration, infrared radiation, ambient noise, and EMI radiation. Various models cover positional accuracies in the range of 0.5 to 2 mm with Migatron’s specialist high precision RPS-412A series capable of a 5-micron accuracy and sub-micron resolution when used with suitable 14-bit resolution analogue-to-digital conversion electronics.        

The fully sealed and highly durable LCU-40APW has a 42 mm diameter PVC housing and a glass filled epoxy resin sensing face. Powered from 11.8 … 30 V DC with reverse polarity protection, a choice terminal block or M8/M12 connector electrical interfacing is complemented with a selection of mating cable assemblies.            

The intrinsically safe RPS-409A-IS3 sensor is housed in a 30 mm, fully sealed, PVC barrel style enclosure with a PVC sensing face. It is powered by 16 – 30 V DC with reverse polarity protection and its 0 … 10 V DC calibrated analogue output is short circuit protected. The sensor features an M12 female connector with IP67 cable assembly accessories available to order. Built-in temperature compensation ensures accurate readings throughout the -40 to +60° C operating temperature range.

Like the majority of Migatron’s ultrasonic sensors, these new models are designed to take advantage of PLC and PAC analogue input modules where the system resolution is dependent on the module’s specification and the zero and span values may be user-programmed.

Migatron is a true specialist for ultrasonic sensor technologies with a product range covering self-contained, intrinsically safe, high accuracy and close-range models as well as set-point controls. As the exclusive UK and Ireland distribution partner for Migatron Corp., as well as other selected and globally leading sensor manufacturers, Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd provides a comprehensive measurement service from component level sensor solutions to complete instrumentation systems.        

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