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May 2, 2022
The new 36 sensor series from Leuze detects objects even at large operating ranges. Manufacturers and operators of highly automated systems benefit from the cost-optimized design of these sensors.

The accurate detection of objects requires reliable technology: Leuze has developed the new 36 sensor series exactly with this in mind: Thanks to their perfect detection performance, these sensors are suitable for the demanding requirements in intralogistics, packaging systems and the automotive industry. They detect objects with different optical properties – even at a great distance, with vibration, ambient lighting or soiling. The advantage for system manufacturers and operators: The cost-optimized 36 series is an economically attractive solution, especially in the case of highly automated systems with a large number of sensors.

Flexible implementation
Leuze offers the sensors, which are certified to protection class IP67, with different operating principles: They are available as sensors with background suppression (with an operating range of up to 2.5 meters), as retro-reflective photoelectric sensors (up to 17 meters) or as throughbeam photoelectric sensors (up to 80 meters). The high-performance sensor design provides an extremely high function reserve. This ensures that objects are reliably detected even if, for example, sources of interference are present. Users can also request retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for detecting objects with depolarizing properties, e.g. for filmwrapped pallets. The sensors of the 36 series therefore cover an enormous range of applications.

Choice of connections
The sensors are available both with M12 connection sockets and with different ready-made connection cables as well as matching mounting accessories. This means that integration is always guaranteed, even in existing systems. In addition, all common switching logics are also supported: NPN and PNP switching as well as light and dark switching.

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