LMI Technologies Launches Industry-First 
Smart 3D Line Confocal Sensors

The Gocator® 5000 series adds powerful line confocal imaging (LCI) scanning and inspection technology to the Gocator® family of trusted laser and structured light 3D smart sensors.

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Gocator 5500 Series

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official release of its new Gocator® 5500 series of smart 3D line confocal sensors.  This major product release introduces the first line confocal sensor running Gocator® 's trusted, industry-leading 3D smart sensor platform, complete with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision web-based software, onboard measurement tools, native I/O connectivity, and much more.

Gocator® 5500 sensors are unique among existing confocal technologies in that they feature a dual-axis design that delivers simultaneous generation of 3D topography, 3D tomography, and 2D intensity data. This allows Gocator® 5000 sensors to scan practically any material type – including multi-layered, transparent/translucent, curved edge, shiny, textured, mixed, and many more - with submicron precision and at a level of quality and speed that outperforms competing confocal technologies.

A quick look at Gocator 5500 sensor capabilities:

  • Simultaneous generation of multiple profiles from multi-layer structures
  • Generates 1792 data points per profile
  • Fast scan rates (Over 10 KHZ with PC acceleration)• High X resolution, sub-micron Z precision
  • Handles wide variety of material types
  • Dual-axis optical design provides higher signal quality
  • Runs LMI's next-generation measurement inspection software

“The Gocator® 5500 Series introduces a powerful line confocal scanning approach for the inspection of challenging material structures such as multi-layer, transparent and curved edge, and now with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision software and Gocator’s renowned smart features and capabilities. The result is an end-to-end, user-friendly surface evaluation solution that provides customers with unmatched performance leveraging the industry’s first smart LCI technology“, said Mark Radford, CEO, LMI Technologies.

Gocator® 5504 and 5512 models are now available for order at orders@lmi3d.com. The Gocator 5516 model will be available for order later in 2022. You can also email contact@lmi3d.com to discuss the right Gocator 5500 model for your application.

If you’d prefer to learn more details about this exciting new product before getting in touch, visit our Gocator 5500 product page.

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