Rollon’s Enhanced Plus Series Actuators Deliver Greater Performance and Reliability

June 2, 2022
Rollon’s newly enhanced Plus System lineup of belt-driven linear actuators can now be integrated seamlessly with every industrial machine.

Combining sturdy construction, protective features and high performance characteristics for load, moment control, speed and acceleration, the Plus System family features an anodized aluminum structure and steel reinforced driving belt. All series are available with stainless steel elements for applications in harsh environments such as those subject to frequent washes. A dedicated set of accessories enables easy assembly when building high-performance multi-axis systems.

In addition, the Plus System lineup offers:

Reliability in dirty environments.

  • High load capacities and stiffness through a combination of recirculating ball guides, aluminum profile and extrusion to complex geometries.
  • High repeatability accuracy of ±0.05 millimeters.
  • High productivity with speeds up to 5 meters/second and acceleration up to 50 meters/second2.
  • Low maintenance thanks to a built-in reservoir that continuously self-lubricates the ball raceway.
  • Versatility via a newly engineered drive head that allows gearbox assembly on either side of the unit.

Customers can choose from three types of actuators: Plus System ELM, a versatile, completely enclosed belt drive linear actuator; Plus System ROBOT for multi-axis or SCARA robots as well as heavy load applications where significant carriage pitch, yaw or roll moments are applied; and Plus System SC for vertical motion in gantry applications, or in those applications where the aluminum profile must move while the carriage remains fixed.

The newly enhanced Plus System belt-driven actuators are part of Rollon’s new generation of highperformance linear guides designed to improve productivity and simplify projects.

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