binder USA Introduces Field-Wireable M12 Connectors with Cage Clamp Technology

June 9, 2022
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binder USA now offers its field-wireable M12 connectors (series 713, 715, and 825) with cage clamp quick connection. Cage clamp technology is an alternative to screw termination, offering simpler installation that reduces exposure of cable assemblies. Cage clamp termination is recommended for applications that are subject to mechanical loads, including machines exposed to vibrations caused by motors or manufacturing processes.

Advantages of cage clamp technology
While the standard screw termination is cost effective and user friendly, it is also relatively time consuming. (e.g. Installers must loosen each respective screw, insert the wire, and retighten the screw for each contact pin individually in order to clamp the wire.) binder’s cage clamp simplifies the process. Installers simply insert the opening tool into the hole provided to release the spring, guide the wire into the contact hole, and remove the opening tool, causing the spring to clamp the wire. The constant spring force permanently acting on the wire establishes contact, ensuring a vibration-proof connection that withstands shock loads. And most connector components, such as the sleeve or pressure screw, are identical to products with screw termination, making them easily interchangeable.

Technology highlights:

  • Series 713 (A-coded): Designed for signal and power transmission within the CAN, CANopen, Profibus PA (process automation,) and DeviceNet protocols. Rated voltages from 30 V to 250 V. Rated currents between 1.5 A and 8 A.
  • Series 715 (B-coded): Ideal for Profibus-DP (decentralized peripherals) applications at 60 V to 250 V and 4 A.
  • Series 825 (D-coded): Designed for industrial data communication in Ethernet, Ethercat, Profinet, and Sercos installations. Rated voltage of 250 V. Rated current of 4 A.
  • Pin count: 4-pin and 5-pin variants (both male and female)
  • Degree of protection: IP67 (up to IP68/IP69 in outdoor versions)
  • Locking technology: screw lock
  • Optimized EMC shielding
  • Operating temperatures: -40 °C to +85 °C.

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