NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Offers a Wide Range of Specialized Solutions for the Demanding Environments of the Food and Beverage Industry

June 16, 2022
Reliable, highly configurable drive solutions from NORD adhere to the strict hygienic requirements of food and beverage operations.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a global leader in drive solutions for food and beverage industry applications around the world. From processing to packaging systems, NORD supplies specialized solutions that are tailored to specific application needs. With over 20,000,000 standard configurations, NORD products can be highly specialized without the need for costly custom components. They also offer countless protection options including special lubricants for low/high temperatures and cleaning with hot water, temperature sensors to protect against overheating, stainless steel shafts and accessories, protection class IP66 or IP69K, and more.

The NORD DRIVESYSTEMS IE5+ portfolio ushers in a new era of performance and efficiency with the new DuoDrive integrated motor and gear unit in a compact, wash-down design, NORDAC ON/ON+ decentralized variable frequency drives specifically designed for horizontal conveyor technology, and IE5+ synchronous motors featuring a compact, hygienic design with high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. This new offering is built for ultimate reliability, versatility, and works to reduce variants in a system.

Smooth body NORDBLOC.1® gear units are an innovative drive solution for applications where cleanliness is essential. They deliver high efficiency, high axial and radial load capacities, quiet operation, a large speed range, and their high-strength aluminum alloy housing enables rapid cleaning in a compact, reduced weight design. NORDBLOC.1 helical inline gear units have powers ranging from 0.16 – 50 HP and deliver torque ratings of up to 29,207 lb-in while NORDBLOC.1 two-stage helical bevel gear units provide power from 0.16 – 12.5 HP and torque ratings of up to 5,842 lb-in.

NORD’s smooth surface motors feature a hygienic, wash-down design with easy to clean housings and are available with performance of 1 – 3 HP. These units have high-strength, naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housings to provide optimal heat dissipation, effectively reducing internal motor operating temperatures and prolonging component and service life. Standard motor features include shaft lip seals on both ends of the motor shaft, moisture-resistant varnish dipped windings, and conduit box sealed with gaskets. To meet the demanding environments of food and beverage applications, additional options are available such as condensation drain holes, resin sealed terminal boxes, epoxy-dipped motor windings, drip covers, and space heaters.

NORD’s solutions for mixing and agitating applications include the CLINCHER™ parallel shaft gear units and MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units. These units are robust, reliable, and have large capacities to handle tough loads. CLINCHERs feature compact, one-piece housings for tight installation space, provide torque up to 885,075 lb-in, and offer optional drywell versions specifically for mixers and agitators. Designed to handle the toughest applications,

MAXXDRIVE units deliver torque ratings of up to 2,495,900 lb-in and feature large roller bearings, center distances, and an optimized sealing system that protects internal components from unwanted debris. Because of the UNICASETM housing design, mixer drives can often be implemented without additional bearings.

FLEXBLOC® and MINICASE™ worm gear units are often used in conveyor systems in the food and beverage industry due to their quiet operation, flexibility, and high-power density in an extremely compact, UNICASE housing. FLEXBLOCs deliver torque up to 3,780 lb-in and can be combined with an optional 10:1 helical pre-stage unit to form a double worm gear unit – resulting in additional torque values.

NORD variable frequency drives enable dynamic control of gear units, provide high precision, and can be configured precisely for system needs. The NORDAC PRO SK 500P family of VFDs comes in 5 frame sizes with powers ranging from 0.33 – 30 HP and optional modules to increase the scope of functionality. Easy operation is achieved via an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface and a USB interface enables parameterization even when the main power is disconnected. The NORDAC BASE is NORD’s most economical decentralized drive solution and was developed for simple drive solutions outside the control cabinet. With an optional surface treatment, it is ideal for highly demanding and harsh environments.

NORD has extensive surface protection options including specialized food duty paint (NSDF3, NSDF3+) and nsd tupHTM Sealed Surface Conversion System for harsh environmental conditions. All paints are USDA compliant and certified according to DIN EN ISO 2409, DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN EN ISO 4628-8. The nsd tupH system permanently penetrates the surface of the aluminum alloy material, chemically altering it to create a surface with extreme durability that is up to 7 times stronger than the original. Not only is the smooth surface easy to clean, it is also resistant to corrosion, acids, and alkalis, won’t blister or flake like paint, and is a better conductor of heat than cast iron or stainless steel. In addition to the sealed surface conversion, units with nsd tupH are also configurable with a stainless-steel shaft, special shaft sealing rings, and food grade oil. The nsd tupH solution is available for a variety of aluminum alloy gearboxes, motors, and variable frequency drives in NORD’s modular product portfolio.

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