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binder USA Introduces M12 K- and L-Coded Connectors for North America

UL2337 and 2338 compliant for power applications.

Bin Binder Usa M12 K&l 300 Dpi

binder USA introduces the 823 and 824 series M12 cable connectors, designed to meet the testing and certification requirements of the North American market. These compact M12 K- and L-coded connectors include both male and female cable and angled connectors. They feature M12x1 threads, 8-mm to 13-mm cable outlets, and IP67-rated screw clamp terminals. To comply with UL 2237 requirements, the threaded ring is electrically connected to the PE contact.

K-coded 5-pin connectors are ideal for power supply in AC applications, such as drives or frequency converters. L-coded 5-pin connectors are ideal for DC compact drives, decentralized I/O modules and various DC-powered automation components connected to fieldbus systems.

Product highlights:

  • binder series: 823 and 824
  • Cable outlets: 8 mm to 13 mm
  • Termination: screw clamp
  • Protection degree: IP67
  • UL2337 and UL2238 compliant
  • K coding:
    Pin count 4+PE
    Rated voltage: 630 V (AC)
    Rated current: 12 A
  • L coding:
    Pin count 4+FE (functional earth)
    Rated voltage: 630 V(AC)
    Rated current: 16 A 
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