Industrial Ethernet Encoder: Absolute, Compact and Future Ready

July 27, 2022
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The term Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s mind. Industry 4.0 doesn’t just refer to the intelligent networking of sensors and machines, but rather to the possibility of providing solutions, which make your processes and equipment more efficient, reliable, and sustainable. Thanks to the latest innovations in absolute encoders from the sensor specialists at SIKO, the future of self-optimizing processes and systems is at hand. Above all the Industrial Ethernet encoders are absolute, compact, and future ready!

SIKO GmbH is expanding its broad portfolio of encoders with new Industrial Ethernet versions. True to our motto of “absolute, compact, and future ready”, these new encoders offer answers to the requirements of complex machinery and Industry 4.0. The optical based WV5850 and WH5850, in either single or multi-turn versions, offer high resolution and quick response in applications requiring extreme precision and fast response times. These encoders are designed for real-time applications. The PROFINET version, which has a cycle time of 250 µs, is ideally suited for drive and warehouse technologies as well as factory automation. Being immune to magnetic fields these encoders are perfect in drive applications. Utilizing the latest PROFINET or EtherNet/IP interfaces, these encoders can be integrated quickly and provide optimal system availability.

The hollow and solid shaft versions, WH5850 and WV5850 respectively, come in several different diameter options, allowing the design engineer complete flexibility in their machine concepts. Additionally, the compact housing construction provides for the smallest possible installation space for these interfaces. Thus, the Industrial Ethernet encoders from SIKO are ideal for systems where there can be no compromise in either performance or space required.

PROFINET IO, Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) – Real time in a compact manner
Both the PROFINET versions, WV5850 and WH5850, offer compact design as well as supporting all the functions and properties of the latest encoder profile V4.2.  These rotary encoders meet conformance class “C”, encoder class “4”, as well as identification and maintenance functions according to version 1.16. Additionally, the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and neighborhood detection via Linked Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) have been implemented, as well as the Shared Devices function which allowing access to the encoder from several different PLC’s. With a cycle time of 250 µs the WV5850 and WH5850 can be used in real-time applications. Furthermore, they support isochronous cycle times with SendCycle of up to 31.25 µs and a jitter of less than 1 µs, which makes them ideal for dynamic applications.

Ethernet/IP – From Control Level to Plant Floor
EtherNet/IP versions ensure the highest control performance from the facilities monitoring system to the plant floor level. Thanks to the position value refresh rate of up to 1000 Hz and a low RPI time of 1 ms, the Absolut Encoders from SIKO are perfect for time critical applications. With the fast start behavior of the encoders and the implementation of Device Level Ring (DLR), which prevents an individual broken cable from shutting down the whole system, EtherNet/IP encoders from SIKO not only help reduce system cost, but also contribute to higher system availability.

Draw-wire encoders with Industrial Ethernet Interface with up to 15-Meter range!
The WV5850, in combination with SIKO’s wide range of draw-wire solutions, provides you with up to 15 meters of precise absolute linear positioning. As one of the market leaders in the field of draw-wire encoders, SIKO is now also offering the popular Industrial Ethernet interfaces PROFINET and EtherNet/IP and available in 2022, EtherCAT.

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