Digital Metal Launches new DMP/PRO Series Industrial Metal Binder Jet 3D Printer

July 29, 2022
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Leading Binder Jet 3D printer provider Digital Metal announced the launch today of its new DMP/PRO binder jet system. Developed as a modular component of a complete binder jet solution, the PRO series is a paradigm shift in binder jet 3D printing. The PRO architecture was developed from the ground up to be an industrial binder jet solution for high volume manufacturing with binder jet. The DMP/PRO was developed for maximum reliability, accuracy and repeatability.

70,400 nozzles precisely deposit material letting the system produce up to 1,000 cm3 of parts per hour at 1600 dpi. Typical production values will see customers will make around 500 cm3 of parts per hour throughout the day. Every day. This high productivity is matched by a robust platform, custom software and a fast material change powder magazine. All minimize down time and cut turnaround times short. The DMP/PRO has been engineered for precision production of metal binder jet components for industry, luxury goods, medical manufacturing and consumer products.

Digital Metal CEO Christian Lönne states, "As a team we have previously gone from a single machine to a production machine and now we´ve launched a true production platform. We´re moving away from the rest of the binder jet market towards tighter tolerances, higher volumes and higher precision. We´re heading towards a higher level of maturity. We do not just offer a machine in isolation. We have a true platform optimized to work in concert with debinding, sintering and post processing equipment. This platform is modular, extensible and a stepping stone for Industrialization."

The launch customer of the new Pro series is Ann Arbor Michigan based Azoth 3D. Azoth 3D is the manufacturer of high volume precision 3D printed parts for Fortune 500 Companies.

Azoth 3D General Manager Cody Cochran, "Digital Metal´s new machine speed, while keeping quality and reliability, is compelling. The PRO Series reduces the capital needed to scale and also reduces part costs through higher machine throughput. We want to run it round the clock, 7 days a week, making thousands of parts daily. Azoth 3D wants to be the largest and best independent binder jet manufacturing company and this is the system we need to get us there."

The DMP/PRO comes equipped with linear motors, air bearings and a diabase stone base are the foundation of stability process control. Robustly designed for now the system is also modular, adaptable and future proof. The current DMP/PRO systems can be extended in future through inertization and automation modules. It is also completely customizable, with remote monitoring, KPI monitoring and traceability.

Built on Siemens MindSphere cloud IoT OS the software system ensures that future IoT integration and connections will be reliable and secure. The system is intuitive and easy to use and optimized for production environments. New support structure minimization increases productivity and reduces part cost. Higher powder utilization means that now a 100% of excess powder can be recycled. This environmental gain also reduces part costs.

The DMP/PRO is a production system created for day in day out manufacturing of the most demanding of components for industry. With more throughput, automation and a robust modular architecture the DMP/PROenables binder jet industrial production both today and tomorrow. Rather than a single loose box that sits isolated in your factory the DMP/PRO can integrate with your software, IoT infrastructure, reporting and other equipment.

The DMP/PRO is a true production system that will provide many years of good service to discerning manufacturing customers that are ready to take the leap from binder jet promises into binder jet reality. Borne from the thousands of parts made daily by our existing customers, the DMP/PRO has been shaped by manufacturingrealities and needs. The DMP/PRO series of machines will shape binder jet and let industry ramp up production in a realistic, traceable, reliable way. Through Digital Metal manufacturing firms have found the dependable partner that they need to make real parts.


  • Memjet page-wide print system
  • 70,400 ink nozzles
  • Machine footprint 2700 x 1000 x1700 mm (L x W x H)
  • Build volume 250 × 217 × 70 mm
  • Weight 2000 kg
  • Typical productivity 500 – 1,000 cm3/h
  • Changeover time between prints 15–25 min

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