The New Reliable Actuator for Heavy Loads

Aug. 31, 2022
High-precision and low-maintenance: Bosch Rexroth adds new EMC-HP series for loads of up to 100 kN to its range of electromechanical cylinders.

Bosch Rexroth’s electromechanical cylinders (EMCs) are now available in a high-force, high-precision, low-maintenance version - the EMC-HP. Designed for heavy loads up to 100 kN, the new actuators are robust, compact and low-maintenance. Based on the reliable planetary screw drive, users will benefit from impressive continuous power even under harsh conditions. This is thanks to both the new oil-bath lubrication and the optional water cooling directly on the screw itself. As with the other members of the EMC family, a fully digital process, from selection through to ordering, shortens the engineering time.

The new EMC-HPs are currently being launched on the market in three sizes 115, 130 and 160 (housing diameter) with protection class IP65 and are suitable for a range of different heavy-duty applications with strokes of up to 1,500 mm: from pressing, forming and riveting to tensioning, positioning and testing.

Each EMC-HP uses Bosch Rexroth’s tried-and-tested planetary screw assembly (PLSA) in order to be able to meet extremely high standards in terms of control accuracy and dynamics. Thanks to a dynamic load capacity (Cdyn) of up to 189.5 kN, high loads can be quickly and accurately moved as part of an energy-efficient process even in complex motion profiles – with axial forces of up to 100 kN and at speeds of up to 0.83 m/s.

The robust and low-maintenance design of the planetary screw assembly also has a positive impact on lubrication intervals. Additionally, the seals can be replaced in just a few steps if required. Overall, this low maintenance linear motion technology from Bosch Rexroth will help to increase productivity and reduce total costs.

Standard system for a range of different applications
Even the engineering process is a breeze: The simple selection procedure using the LinSelect e-tool and subsequent online configuration including drive, the customized EMC solution can be finalized and ready for ordering in a matter of minutes. Numerous options, such as length and attachment method, open up a wide range of applications.

With their compact dimensions, lightweight aluminum housing and single-cable solutions in connection with most drives, the EMC-HPs can be quickly and easily integrated into machine tools on site. In order to ensure short assembly times, Bosch Rexroth supplies the complete system pre-assembled from a single source – including mechanics, drive and controller as well as global service

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