Koidra to Exhibit Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Platform at PACK EXPO in Chicago

Oct. 20, 2022

Koidra, an artificial intelligence of things (AIoT)-enabled industrial automation platform company, will be exhibiting at the PACK EXPO International show, held this year at McCormick Place in Chicago from October 23-26, 2022. The Koidra exhibit (Booth N-5383, North Building) will showcase products forming a comprehensive AIoT digital decision platform to automate the operational management of manufacturing facilities for optimal efficiency, sustainability, and profitability, including:

  • IoT Suite: An industrial internet of things (IoT) platform and IoT hub, compatible with most new and existing PLC/SCADA or legacy control systems, used for integrating data silos, providing visibility, and enabling analytics.
  • Ωpera: An operator-driven automation platform for democratizing industrial automation by enabling production operators and managers to adjust control strategies using a spreadsheet-like, low-code approach.

Koidra products provide a scalable approach for combining IoT & cloud technologies, machine learning (ML), and domain knowledge supplied by users and physical sciences information, empowering manufacturing and production companies of all types to progressively improve and optimize their operations.

Koidra has applied their technologies to win many international controlled environment agriculture (CEA) challenges, where their AI algorithms analyzed numerous data sources to autonomously determine optimal setpoints for maximizing crop yield, while minimizing the input of resources.

In an industrial application, Koidra applied their platform at a biomass fuel pellet manufacturing plant to analyze continually changing characteristics with complex interactions, such as environmental and product temperatures and humidity, initiating operational tuning to deliver high-quality product.

Manufacturing and production companies employ many experienced operators and subject matter experts. However, automation advancements can be hindered by the prohibitive cost of large engineering projects. The Koidra platform and technologies enable machine builders and their end user customers to engage their own experts with easy-to-use tools so they can progressively access valuable data, gain new insights, implement basic and advanced control, and eventually deploy self-improving autonomous control strategies.

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