DINStorage Expedites Control Panel Repair, Reducing Production Downtime With Intuitive Fuse and Accessory Organization

Jan. 11, 2023

DINStorage, a team of control system engineers on a mission to optimize control panel layout and minimize maintenance downtime, is pleased to announce the release of its control panel storage products. A storage solution that easily mounts onto standard DIN rail or flat surfaces keeps loose consumables close and accessible.

Equipment downtime is costly. Maintenance resources are a premium. Technicians hunting down spare fuses or consumables is inefficient and increases equipment downtime. DINStorage products are designed to store critical components such as spare fuses, tools and parts exactly where you need them. No more hunting. No more taped bags on the control panel door. The intuitive DINStorage containers are designed to hold major brands like Littelfuse and Bussmann, as well as spare components,  tools, write-tags, screws, communication adapters, and more.

DINStorage solutions include multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility. The universal DIN Rail Mount allows for both horizontal and vertical installation, and the Surface Mount includes a high-strength adhesive foam backing for attachment to any clean, flat surface. No screws, bolts, or complicated installation techniques required.

Designed to be mounted at the point of use with custom configurations, the storage solutions come in various capacities, sizes, and styles, including:

  • Slotted-Style Fuse Storage: modules with quick and easy access to Bussmann and Littelfuse spares
  • Stacked-Style Store: a secure option for fuse storage in higher-vibration applications
  • Drawer-Style Storage: clear drawers to store miscellaneous accessories and consumables

“With decades of experience designing industrial control panels, our team understands the pain points of system maintenance first-hand,” said Jordan Wiens, DINStorage Control Systems Engineer. “We’ve witnessed too often site personnel wasting time searching for fuses in time-sensitive situations—we made this product to help our colleagues save time, boost productivity, and improve their ability to work under pressure. We install DINStorage in all our industrial control panels and our Clients love the solution.”

For control panel engineers and operators in robotics, renewable energy distribution, machinery protection, pharmaceutical production, oil and gas controls, industrial manufacturing, and more, the DINStorage solution provides:

  • Flexibility: tool-free mounts provide an array of installation options
  • Rugged reliability: each product is manufactured with UL heat-rated, impact-resistant polypropylene designed maximum durability
  • Affordability: Our patent-pending range of products is the lowest-cost DIN rail-compatible storage solution on the market

The storage solutions range from $23.95 USD - $35.95 USD per unit at DINStorage.com. For more sales information or to learn about the DINStorage partnership program with distributors, reach out to [email protected].

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