New Sinamics DC Master Base Drive for New Installations and Retrofits

Feb. 9, 2023
Cost-efficiency and flexibility in one complete panel.

Siemens Industry, Inc. introduced today its new Sinamics DC Master (DCM) Base Drive as a result of increasing demand for base drive panels using the Sinamics DC Master converter. 

This pre-wired solution is offered complete and fully tested with all necessary components mounted onto a back panel. Sinamics DC Master Base Drives are an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution for new installations and retrofits where space is limited.  They are ideal for end-users and third-parties such as system integrators and Siemens solution partners. 

Sinamics DC Master Base Drives offer more power per panel in the same footprint as compared to the previous two generations of base drives.  These base drives are rated from 15A–850A continuous current.

Standard features of the new SINAMICS DCM Base Drive include — input fuses, output DC fuses (regen only), control transformer, AC line contactors, PROFIBUS, BOP20, UL508A Certification and 65KA SCCR rating.  They are ready-to-order with deliveries available after February 2012.